‘ Things people know about being late ‘

#AceFriendsNews – June.11: I was never one of these people but l was always rushing to be early or not be late! How about you friends and readers, were you like this article suggests or do you have a different view?

These are 14 things all people who are chronically late know to be true

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The world is split into two types of people – those who live by the clock (the boring ones) and those of us who are always, chronically late (the cool kids, obvs).

Being late is not something people tend to have a lot of sympathy for, but as tardy types have been saying for years, it’s not our fault.

And now, thanks to some very clever people at New York University, we finally have proof that we simply can’t help being late. Yes, apparently some people are just ‘born to be late’, and have a personality type that means they find it hard to be punctual.

If that’s YOU, here are 14 things you’ll know to be true…

1. You never (well, rarely) actually mean to be late.

2. The more you try to hurry, the longer you take.

3. Once in a blue moon you’re on time and it feels really great.

4.… Read the full story


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