I look into your eyes and see the universe not yet born.. &.. Gözlerinin içine bakıyorum ve henüz doğmamış kainatı görüyorum. – Rumi

Windows of the soul .. Semra written in the stars in our eyes sister …😍


I once had a thousand desires. But in my one desire to know you all else melted away.

Bir zamanlar binlerce arzum vardı. Ama bunlardan sadece biri olan , seni bilmek arzumda, hepsi eridi gitti.

― Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi

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Cirque de Printemps

Gods glorious plan .. Don’t you just love spring and this post of Brenda’s is perfect to show us what Spring is all about … Perfect ⭐️😊👍

Friendly Fairy Tales

Purple Crocuses

Crocuses raise cheery salutes,
opening orange invitations to
invite us to Come One, Come All,
to spring’s circus in the meadow.

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Storia illustrata

This is a great picture Doru … I have a nest outside my home with a bird who is building it for her babies and can hear her billowing and cooing daily .. Really nice 😊


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A Paddling of Ducks Distaff Side by L. Martel

Really nice just had to share … Ian ⭐️😊👍


This is a 12″ x 16″ oil on canvas called A Paddling of Ducks Distaff Side. It was started several years ago and was, more or less, completed 2017 (signed and dated). I saw a picture in black and white and the composition rather intrigued me. So I worked on it from there. The colour and shadows took time to figure out but I’m happy with it now.


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Bold Faces……Be Courageous

First let me thank you for your visits and likes … Shared this great post on friends news .. Regards Ian ⭐️😊👍

When I' m With You... Whitney Ibe Blog!


It can take a whole life time to find yourself. What truly matters is finding one’s self. We are constantly searching for the answers to life’s questions, wondering why we’re here, what our purpose for being here is.There is only one person that encompasses every aspect of that question and he’s Jesus.


Pains, anger, frustration, loneliness will always have a way of looking for us even when we don’t expect them. It’s as though they live with us. Oftentimes, we spend most of our lives searching for the one thing that stands staring straight back at us when we look in the mirror.


Going through this world and getting to learn about different things
Walking through the pains, anger, frustration and disappointments yet willing to stay still
Listening to the rain pour down from the sky
Hearing the laughter’s all around you but not getting to smile
Seeing how times…

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2017 Shayrat air strike in astrogeography

Thanks ⭐️😊👍

Astrogeography Blog

2017 Shayrat air strike in astrogeography

I have stated before that the astrogeographical longitude position of Damascus and larger parts of western Syria are located in fire sign Aries. Since Syrian Civil War started exactly with the ingress of Uranus into Aries in March 2011 Uranus transit over the astrogeographical positions of the land is reflected in the ongoing war ever since. At the same time Pluto`s transit through Capricorn and in a square position to the most populated areas of Syria reveals the extreme pressure exerted on the country by its neighbour contries and global players..Compare my articles: Syrian Civil War and Future Transits for the Syrian capital DamascusUranus over Aleppo

Astrogeographical position of Damascus for morphogenetic field level 1 which defines the supraregional, international role of the Syrian Capital : Damascus has one coordinate at 5° in earth sign Capricorn and the second at 16° in fire sign Aries. The conjunction of…

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Astrology Forecast for April 7, 2017 (Julian 097)


Irregular Oracle

Astrology Forecast for April 7, 2017 (Julian 097)

Clear winners and clear losers emerge today.  Sun opposite Jupiter is usually benevolent, but with retrograde season present and this being part of the Sun(+Uranus)-Jupiter-Pluto T-Square “things” can become “big” and “things” can be “blown out of proportion.”  We may be on the edge of a war, a real “hot” war, and this configuration indicates that is a very real possibility, especially with the Venus (Retrograde in Pisces) / Saturn (Retrograde in Sagittarius) square perfecting tomorrow.  See, also, our commentary from Election Day 2016, particular Part 3 in which I predict that a “hot” war is coming (but not as “hot” with Donald Trump as it would have been with Hillary Clinton).

So, what does this mean for most of us in practical day to day terms?  Superb opportunities can be had today, but be careful not to overindulge (too…

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