a girl named eclipse #TheLonelyAuthor

Something a little different…..

a girl named eclipse

a poet born
between a nightmare and soliloquy
surfacing from the deep
to write poetry from beyond
the penumbra of her heart
where loneliness pulsates in tones
echoes of the forsaken
serving as hallowed church bells
chiming the sad truth
not all of us are meant to be loved
like this child of the shadows
a girl named eclipse

a girl named eclipse

Zitat von Leo Tolstoi

Um glücklich zu sein,

muss man das Unglück meiden,

um fröhlich zu sein,

muss man die Langeweile meiden.

Zitat von Leo Tolstoi

PRAYER, Give my friend some rest. She’s exhausted. #SunyShinySA Kavitha

Amy Weatherly has captured us women so well in her prayer.

Dear God,

Give my friend some rest.
She’s exhausted.

She’s been running around, trying to be everything to everyone. She does so much. She’s so good. Every inch of her, from the top of her messy bun to the bottom of her toes that haven’t had a pedicure in a while is good.

But I know she’s tired. I know she’s maxed out. I know she’s restless.

I know she’s going, going, going from the second her feet hit the hardwood floor to long after everyone else is asleep.

And it’s not even just that she does so much, it’s that she thinks so much. She carries everyone’s schedules. She listens to everyone’s problems. She heals hearts, and mends wounds, and offers her shoulder to anyone who needs a soft place to lean. She makes ten thousand decisions every single day, and even when she feels empty, there she is, still serving others.

She worries, and she gives, and she gives, and she worries, and she never expects anything from anyone.

And I know, even as amazing and kind and caring and wonderful as she is, that those voices in her head still tell her she didn’t do nearly enough. That somehow she slipped up and messed up and let the ball drop.

So tonight, please give my friend some rest.

Open your arms and hold her. Quiet her mind and steady her soul. Let her sleep long and hard and good. Let those dreams be sweet. Let those fears melt away the second she closes her eyes.

Let her wake up tomorrow feeling like a brand new woman.

CREDIT : Amy Weatherly

PRAYER, Give my friend some rest. She’s exhausted.

The Beginning of the End OR a New World Order as People Prepare to Exit Lockdowns What Will Life Be Like Then ? #AceFriendsNews reports

Editor says …………..And he shall come bearing gifts …nay not from the shoppe around the corner of Levi street but via Amazonia a place built by those that will not let my people go……….

So it was that control of the people was in place by promissory notes of what will be given, but as with so much never arrived as disease took hold of mankind’s making and the earth grew silent not for a day but for many days and lo it was called a lockdown ……………..and while some waited others made plans of how once this was lifted ….they would return to greater control and some call it ‘ The New World Order ‘

Ian says ………….Amen God Bless ALL 🙏’s

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TO ME LOVE Is⚜️⚜️ #Kindness


Love is a reality that pervades the universe
Like an unguent on frayed nerves
A factor unifying even contrary forces
Love binds the like-minded, the love-loving.

It is the queen of all emotions, situations
It is a quality, a characteristic, a feature
A simile, a metaphor, an adjective.
Like an infant on its mother’s bosom
A father figure for the frightened and unsafe
A nook where one can find shelter
From the fierce elements of the mind.
A path that takes you in the right direction
You aren’t surprised when you gain your goal

Love is local, topical, general, universal
All at the same time, and makes it special
Love keeps the balance of good and evil
In favor of the good and never the evil.

Love is not limited to the romantic love
The boy-meets-girl–fall-in-love kind of love
For love is many things besides
For me love is just love, period.

This is because…
To a person who understands what love is
To one who is immersed in all its avatars
Essentially, truly, literally, metaphorically
Hatred is a veritable impossibility.


i will love you #TheLonelyAuthor

i will love you
in the silence of your reflection
in the echoes of your pain
with the calm of the mountains
with a passion bordering
sound mind and insane
for I have fallen like a sunset
who blushes as he nears the horizon
with feelings he can’t convey
and should you never be mine
i will remind you of the promise
of tomorrow’s dawn
as i love you

i will love you

the dreams I had #TheLonelyAuthor

the dreams i had

you are the twilight in my eyes
that never blossomed into dawn
the empty nights sans moonlight
imagining the phases of your soul
renouncing the affections of women
to appease this unrequited heart
and all the love it has to give
for you my beloved
I cling to illusions
embracing all the dreams i had
yet never lived



A song that very much inspires mi. Sabor A Mi (Taste of Me).

I don’t know if eternity has love
But there, just like here
In your mouth you will carry
A taste of me 🎵🎶

the dreams I had

Re blog454 #KOH

Re blog454

Tree of Life Needed Pruning By God #AceFriendsNews reports

Taking it one step further to prune any tree of life you need first to remove all the fruit that has gone bad and keep the ones that are in need of care.

Take off the leaves of despair …..remove the twigs of pain and the branches of hurt.

Now you have the boughs of self-righteousness and the self-opinionated of the world that they are stronger than the meek and the weak. So remove them and free yourself from being right over others.

Now freedom is in sight you can see the wood for the trees and a trunk needs to be brought to its knees just as peoples need to realise that the ❤️needs to rule the head of indecision and knowing what is taught by others and not by listening to God.

Once removed all that’s left is the roots of how it all began, by Adam disobeying God in favour of hearing what someone else said and believing and thus acting without proof ….and how do you remove the roots and begin again by following the path of listening with your ❤️and putting others first without expecting anything in return, as God gave without expecting anything in return say that you follow ‘ The Path of Righteouness ‘ not for self but for others.

Ian says …………..Amen…🙏’s For friends and families at this time and always.

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Out of Africa by swo8 Blues Jazz #swo8

Well another weekend is upon us and it has been pretty cold so far. So in my minds eye I’ll teleport to Africa to thaw out. There’s something about the African early mornings with the mist rising up from the earth. It is an amazing continent and I’ve hardly scratched the surface of it. The photos and videos are all mine. You can stream the music of swo8 Blues Jazz on any streaming site. Have a great weekend. 2:30 min.

Out of Africa by swo8 Blues Jazz