“Tara Oasului”
De când e lumea și pământul hainele și Tradițiile din zonele mele nu sau pierdut niciodată mai bine zis sau îmbunătățit. Ţara Oaşului a devenit celebră prin portul popular, prin arta, muzica şi dansul specific oşenesc, care se desfăşoară în special cu ocazia unor evenimente importante cum ar fi “nunţi, hore, şezători, sâmbre, lăutul torturilor şi multe altele.

“ Tara Oasului “

Penso che da sempre, dalla notte dei tempi, i vestiti le tradizioni del mio paesino vivono, e non moriranno mai e poi mai. Potrei anzi dire che si rafforzano di anno in anno.
In un mondo che corre frenetico, si omologa, e dimentica le proprie tradizioni, Tara Oasului è diventata famosa, perché ha saputo mantenerle immutate… ha dei vestiti unici (non li trovi nei negozi)…la musica è diversa, antichissima… come i suoi balli.

Nelipsite oşanului sunt clopul împodobit cu mărgele sau pene şi straiţa ornamentată într-o…

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speaking of you

Paragraphs from the Book I'll never Write

There’s a village in Africa (according to the Internet) that surrounds a person who has misstepped, the entire village remember, and instead of admonishing them, spends days speaking nothing but of the good the person is, and or has achieved.

I don’t know if it’s true. Probably not.

But today, I’ll be your entire village, and I’ll speak of nothing but of your perfection. Of the truth.

Of your beauty, made of creases and marks and scars and eyelashes kissed by light years of sun rays so breathtaking.

Of your pride, like waves of warmth moving over your lips as unspoken heartbeats.

Of the day you held my hand, you were kind, you danced like a maniac.

Your laughing kisses

your spurts of spontaneity

your passion.

And that stupid light in your eyes when your song comes on.

You are strong, gentle, amazing, and may you never forget it.

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#AceMustRead Friends post …


I had limits on myself because I did not want to face my fears

This thing I had inside of me called fear of what could happen caused for my life nothing to happen


Did not overcome the fear

I started to understand that there was only one choice for me to overcome this fear that took over my life and that was to push myself into taking action

I was told don’t worry fear is only temporary

Sounds good…right

It will soon be over

But let me finish the sentence that a Wise Olde Lady once told me

Yes…fear is temporary but as she said quite firmly

“Regrets last forever”Without realizing it I had allowed fear to decide my fate

My fears were stories I had told myself

Stories I talked myself into believing

So I went to my fears sat down with them and…

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l Wish l Have A Million Heart ! / Harmony Song.


l wish l have a million heart .

To love every living soul.

l wish on their beats l can sing,

A magical song to touch every heart.

To fill them with affection’s loving care.

l wish l can wipe the sorrow and the tear,

Of those who are mourning someone dear.

l wish l can help the injured to heal.

l wish l have a magical portion to end ,

Despair,to change sadness to hope and joy.

To fulfill the dream of everyone far and near.

l wish l have a remedy to cure the depresses,

The ill , to free the oppressed and the captive.

l wish l can convince people that goodness is alive and real.

That we are but pilgrims,the traveling never stand still.

((THanks from the heart for the 4200 followers of the blog and to those who visit the blog.))

Jalal MIchael Sabbagh-

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Russian Collusion: This Gentleman Explains it in About Three Minutes…So That Even a Democrat Could Grasp it…

New Digs


Twelve plus months ago, measures were put in place to keep MM’s (My Man)  parents in their own home as long as possible. There were visits from the home-care workers twice daily. The morning attendant helped them with showers, dressing, made breakfast, managed their prescriptions and did general cleaning. Before she left she would make lunch, leaving it in the fridge for them to help themselves. The afternoon attendant took care of the evening meal, tidying up and would do any shopping when required.

Recently, MM’s parent’s doctor advised him his parents can no longer live in their home after both of them were admitted into hospital a couple of times over a 2 month period due to ill-health.

The ill-health really related to old age and mismanagement of everything from their dietary requirements to their prescriptions. We noticed how little they ate and on many days forgot or not want…

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Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel


Part 36:
I learned every facet of seismic work from drilling the hole into which dynamite would be placed and tamped with water, to laying out arrays of sound wave detectors (seismometers) connected to a recording apparatus. One holiday weekend when the rest of the crew had gone home I went through all the steps outlined above and predicted the depths of various layers that a nearby drilling crew would encounter. I was spot on.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.54.31 PM

With permission of the author. This is an on going story one paragraph at a time beginning on the post of July 6th. We will get back to our music and art after this little break.

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