How to grow a veggie garden…

This is how I grow my own vegetables. I am glad that I can do this! When I went grocery shopping when Covid-19 first hit the U.S., I had trouble finding veggies!

They taste so good, and I know I don’t have any pesticides in them! Home grown veggies are incredibly healthy! I also work in the community farms, and get fresh organic vegetables and fruits for my family.  My Grandpa was a farmer in Iowa, so my Mom taught me how to grow a veggie garden.

I’m feeding my family for free! The seedlings are so inexpensive, you can even find organic seeds online.

Let’s get into how to garden:

• First you are going to plant the seeds into the soil in little planters like the picture below, and keep them in the sun, and also water the little seedlings:

How to grow a veggie garden…