How to grow a veggie garden…

This is how I grow my own vegetables. I am glad that I can do this! When I went grocery shopping when Covid-19 first hit the U.S., I had trouble finding veggies!

They taste so good, and I know I don’t have any pesticides in them! Home grown veggies are incredibly healthy! I also work in the community farms, and get fresh organic vegetables and fruits for my family.  My Grandpa was a farmer in Iowa, so my Mom taught me how to grow a veggie garden.

I’m feeding my family for free! The seedlings are so inexpensive, you can even find organic seeds online.

Let’s get into how to garden:

• First you are going to plant the seeds into the soil in little planters like the picture below, and keep them in the sun, and also water the little seedlings:

How to grow a veggie garden…

a girl named eclipse #TheLonelyAuthor

Something a little different…..

a girl named eclipse

a poet born
between a nightmare and soliloquy
surfacing from the deep
to write poetry from beyond
the penumbra of her heart
where loneliness pulsates in tones
echoes of the forsaken
serving as hallowed church bells
chiming the sad truth
not all of us are meant to be loved
like this child of the shadows
a girl named eclipse

a girl named eclipse