Kissing You #Kindness

Kissing you is like being submerged underwater
For extended periods of time
Lungs about to burst
Hearts near to stopping

I have to come up for air
Can’t hold my breath anymore, e!
Then submerge again
To the bliss as before.

Kissing You

Save your energy 👍😊 #TryToGetIt!

In my opinion a human being is like a battery ..

A battery has a limited energy or power.

At a certain moment ..the battery will lose its energy..and it has to be recharged again to restore its energy..

A human being can restore the lost energy through some simple steps..

1,Try to think positively all the time and look at the bright side in everything.

2, Concentrate on your self..your progress..your self improvement..

3,Stay away from pessimistic persons..and be a companion of optimistic ones.

3,Try to find a solution for every problem and if you don’t find any solution..Pray God to help you and be sure that behind every trouble a gift is given to you.

4,Send love and good wishes to your enemies and pray for them that God will grant them love and peace to the degree that they will be busy and forget your presence in this life.

5, Forgive all the people who underestimate you and who have passive feelings towards you..give them excuses and pray that God will fill their hearts with peace and mercy.

6,Be a friend of yourself and stay a long time talking to yourself positively..tell yourself that you are beautiful..kind..compassionate..and try to fix your defects with mercy and acceptance.

7,Accept people as they not try to change them..but try to improve yourself instead..and give yourself a lot of chances to change to the better.

8,Do not judge do not know each one’s story..give people excuses for their bad behaviour and pray for them and for yourself.

9,Imagine a great future for your self and for the people you love..what will you imagine will me..our imagination is our future.

10,Dance alone with your favourite music or song and dance with the members of your family if you can or if they accept it..dancing will create a positive energy ..

11,Be simple ..act in a simple way..wear simple with simple people whose ego is low .

12,Finally hit a like on my post ..and keep smiling 😂😂😂😂


Save your energy 👍😊