Första magnoliablommorna har …Annas Art

Första magnoliablommorna har slagit ut för i år. Vilken lycka att få se dem. Magnolia happiness to see first blooming. It’s Spring over here now for …

Första magnoliablommorna har …

Monarchs By Brenda Davis Harsham

can still gather
in parties

Copyright 2020  Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: As we stay at home, the animal world is taking over, having a grand time, and reclaiming cities. Have you noticed how blue the sky is, now that we’re staying home? In Mumbai, they can see the Himalayas for the first time in decades. In China, differences are visible, too. Hope everyone stays safe.


Meinung Meeting

Wie denkt ihr darüber?

Meinung Meeting

The mask (A short story). #TryToGetIt!

Have you ever used a mask to hide your face?
I used to wear the mask of a a super girl since I was a child..I didn’t deceive people..I wasn’t a hypocrite..but my mask helped me to do all my duties with no complaint..After some time..I forgot that it was just a mask..I thought that it was my real face..
I grew up and the mask grew with me..
One day a strong storm came to my place..It was the first time in my life to face a storm like that one..
The storm moved the mask away of my face..it blew it away..
I looked at the mirror..For the first time of my life..I saw my real face..
It was a face of a weary young kid..
My cheeks has two lines under my eyes..
Seems that I shed a lot of tears ..
In fact I didn’t like my real face..I liked my mask more than my real face..
I began to search for my mask..
I ran here and there..
Finally I found it..it was dusty..but I didn’t care .
I put it on my face..and continued on my way..
Allah says..

Al taghabun chapter verse 11

The mask (A short story).

Zitat von Meiji-ishin Tenno

Ach, wir wissen,

dass die Blumen

welken schon nach kurzer Frist,

doch Erwartung ihrer Blüte unsres

Herzens Leben ist.

Zitat von Meiji-ishin Tenno

Love is Eternal Youth 😁😁

LOVE ❤️ because love is the secret of eternal youth.
😄 because laughter is the music of the soul
CRY😔 because the cry is the emotion of a big heart ❤️
📖 because reading is the source of knowledge 📗
LISTEN 👂 because listening is the force of understanding
🤔 because thinking is the key to success 📈
DREAM because the dream is the breath of happiness 😌
PLAY 🎮 because the game represents the freshness of childhood🐕
HAVE TIME 🎼 TO LIVE because time passes quickly and it NEVER returns.🎵🎼
Good morning 🎺

Love is Eternal Youth 😁😁