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For many of the older generation, it looks so weird. We regretting not having had such social media as there is today. We, thinking we still would have had contacts with so many whom we liked very much in the past.

At the same time we notice how so many of the new generation are glued to their smartphone and boast about their many friends on Facebook, but in a way are even more lonely than we, who saw already so many of our peers being carried to the grave.

Also, so many of those youngsters seem to have the spirit of life, because the spiritual does not exist in them.

The 50 year old poet

I was born in the Sixties

grew up in the Seventies

fell in love in the Eighties

got married in the Nineties

had a family in the Noughties,

then things got strange,

made friends I never met

over a thing called the Internet,

lost touch with reality

and became another fatality

in a world void of spirituality.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

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Scroll down to 10000 metre deep in an ocean #SunShinySA Kavitha

Lockdowned as I am and want to keep the kids, husband too, occupied?

Click on the link below and scroll down. As you go deeper and deeper into the sea, learn about life under the sea without getting your feet wet!


Credit : Neal Agarwal

Scroll down to 10000 metre deep in an ocean


Auch am Ostermontag wird noch freudig im Namen der Auferstehung weiter gefeiert. An diesem Tag sind drei Jünger Jesu nach Emmaus aufgebrochen. Auf dem Weg begegnete ihnen ein Mann, der sich den anderen Männern anschloss. In Emmaus laden die Jünger den Unbekannten zum Essen ein. Als dieser das Brot bricht, erkennen sie den auferstandenen Jesus Christus. Sie laufen zurück nach Jerusalem, um allen diese freudige Nachricht der Wiederauferstehung zu verkünden.


Humour⚜️⚜️ #Kindness

There are some who sincerely smile for sinister reasons, after cutting others down. Snark is no reliable replacement for a compassionate heart, it might get laughs and shallow compliments but it won’t get good friendships that last. The guffaws fade out and the attentive audience flees to avoid becoming the next target of meanness disguised as humor.


🕊️ A SEASON OF HOPE 🕊️ #OurWorld