mark 16:6 The Arlin Report

mark 16:6


Ostern hat sich zu einem Fest der Kirche und der Familie entwickelt. Traditionen fanden ihren Platz in der Gesellschaft. Die Kinder suchen zu Ostern Ostereier und die ganze Familie versammelt sich am Sonntagmorgen zu einem großen Frühstück. Manche gehen in die Kirche, wo christliche Lieder gesungen werden, manche feiern im engsten Kreis der Familie. Ein Fest, das Freude macht.


HE IS RISEN (icon)

HE IS RISEN (icon)

Forgiveness #Kindness

Forgiveness starts with living for in death there is no self. These words come through me not from me 💔


#COVID19 Friends Prayer: I say unto you if common sense ruled the the ❤️ and not the head al l questions would be answered by God and the promises we make that we truly mean would be kept as they have been and as of yet have not be seen

Its like a powerful wind that #COVID19 that comes across the world as did the day that Herod decided to kill all new born children after Jesus was born in Bethlehem. But today in the Middle East its Bethlehem that has the greatest number of #coronavirus cases.

So where did man go wrong ?

Was it all the things they left undone ?

Was it all the things they promised to do ?

Or was it simply making promises with the head that God read the ❤️ was unable to keep, as the lips are just like the fork-tongued beasts, that mean one thing and do another as the #Truth belies one another.

So on this day as Jesus rose from the dead its time for common sense to rule thy head and in so doing all that has been brewing will begin as it has been said.

Amen 🙏’s Happy Easter – Friends – Followers – Readers

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