Psalm For The Few: I say unto you those that have heard fake news, have not heard and those that have seen it do not see, but those that do not hear and do not see are truly the sons and daughters of God Amen

By not seeing you hear and by not hearing you see and those that have witnessed both of these are truly the followers of God.

As the winds blow sand across our world so the grains are like many of the people that suffer at the hands of the few, but those that adhere to the ‘ Word of God ‘ will be saved from the ravages that scour peoples lives.

So as the weak suffer by those that are called leaders …then only by such weakness will they find strength not of man will this strength come but from God.

Be safe in the ‘ Word of God ‘ and not the word of man, then will you see the ‘ Glory of God ‘

Then one day the few will become the many, like the waters cover the sea.



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