Maybe ~ 😌⚜️ #Kindness

Maybe ~ 😌⚜️

A short story😎 #TryToGetIt !

Mr.Ginger..the singer..From time to time I like to talk about him..he has a heart of a pure child..
Mr.Ginger gets angry quickly ..speaks quickly..walks quickly..but thinks slowly..
The carpenter
Actually he is a singer
The cutest singer
He has a voice of an angle
But his tongue was badly cut
They cut it to sing instead
But their voice is bad
He worked as a carpenter
His girl loved him
Inspite of his silence
He made their future house
And she helped him
The house was completed
They lived happily
Their son had a voice
As pretty as his father’s
He sang all the songs that his father couldn’t
A happy life they lived
And the evil ones were dead.


A short story😎

Covid-19, On a lighter note…#SunShinySA

Layla cries because of the fast food outlets are closed… and the alternative is Mom’s cooking.

Covid-19, On a lighter note…

Zitat von Prince Ea

“Du wirst glücklich sein,” sagt das Leben, “aber zuerst werde ich dich stark machen”

Zitat von Prince Ea

I’ll love to eternity ⚜️⚜️⚜️ #Kindness

I’ ll love you.
Until the gasp of time’s last breath.
Until I have no words and then I’ll find another way.
Until we cease to be and life has left this place…and even then, I’ll use my last breath to remind you once more.
How very much I love you.
And always will.
True love doesn’t have a happy ending.
It never ends.
I’ll always love you…until…

I’ll love to eternity ⚜️⚜️⚜️