Diario de cuarentena

Si por casualidad vivís en este planeta, llevaréis un buen rato confinados en vuestros hogares y, quién más y quién menos, ya no sabrá qué más hacer …

Diario de cuarentena

Burning Gaze on Troubled Water ~ Lines #StarlitDen

Cherry Tree Petals make way to a fated encounter.

Japan is known for the beautiful blooming cherry trees and the subsequent viewings of such an event.
A long time ago, going under the cherry trees while the beautiful petals were falling was considered dangerous, as one could risk insanity and the laws of physics could bend as the physical form could dissolve and somehow create an open way to the unexplained and the impossible to convey by common sense.

Cherry blossom petals become witnesses as they dance in the wind to the moment where a burning gaze troubles the most serene surface of water.

“Cherry Trees blossom
Petals swirl perilously
Befallen folly”

In our own haiku and illustration we represent the moment the cherry petals have done their deed and sealed the encounter of two people – the viewer, carrying a burning gaze and the girl, whose surface has been disturbed- we are left with the freedom to wonder what will happen next.

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Burning Gaze on Troubled Water ~ Lines

Zitat von Albert Einstein

Wer keinen Sinn im Leben sieht, ist nicht nur unglücklich, sondern kaum lebensfähig.

Zitat von Albert Einstein

Iris ⚜️⚜️⚜️ #Kindness

Flower in Love Iris ⚜️ Believeing it was The Goddess Iris who guided women souls to Heaven The Ancient Greeks planted iris flowers on the graves of …

Iris ⚜️⚜️⚜️

The Manchurian Weapon By The Mind of Revilo

A Gun On A Table

• Can’t kill you, it isn’t able

• But, placed in a hand

• The trigger pulls on demand

• A virus, alone, is inert

• About as lethal as dirt

• DNA, RNA in a protein sac

• It has to be altered, trained on a host

• Like a train on a track

• It’s brainless, cannot direct

• A non reproducing entity

• It’s numb, can not detect

• But if the proteins that surround

• Are sequenced to mesh with a cell, it abounds

• Overrides your RNA with its viral instructions

• Causing your RNA’s destruction

• The RNA is the DNA telling

• New cells how to become

• What type and how to run

• If the virus’ RNA, rules the day

• Your immune system goes on the attack

• The virus keeps mutating and reproducing

• Until the immune system can’t fight back

• By following the Virus’ instruction

• You become the weapon

• Of your own destruction

• Yes, you are gone

• But the virus didn’t do it alone

• It needs unnatural aid

• These Manchurian Candidates

• Are not natural, but man made…RD(Revilo)

The Manchurian Weapon

Bună-vă dimineața-vă! #Doru

Bună-vă dimineața-vă!



Never a picture of God, thoughts of a face like ours,

As a child, as children did we wonder or believe more,

The Innocence of a young mind holds fantasies of many.

Playing in a kingdom just as a child plays in the park,

Could this place be for a mysterious boys’ amusement or not?

Might God be a child, Is this why we grow old and die,

Possibly a magnificent little boy who created it all.

When there was nothing was there a who to think there could be something,

Might God be a child? If so then how might this soul have been created,

How did we go from nothing to something, was God born from nothing?

Keith Garrett