I ❤️ Health Care Workers

There are many health care workers who are WP bloggers. They are working tirelessly, to fight Coronavirus. This post is dedicated to them, and all …

I ❤️ Health Care Workers

First crane 2020 – första tranan 2020

First crane in sight this Spring. Lovely! If you google “Hornborgarsjön Sweden” I bet you will find videos with lots of cranes dancing. In our area they just passing by and take a rest and then moving on.

Första tranan som jag siktat i år 🙂


First crane 2020 – första tranan 2020

The benefits of the quarantine 🌹part 1 #TryToGetIt !

Most humans on the globe are extrovert..they like to go out to meet people here and there..

The quarantine is like a prison to an extrovert..

But when I think about it …I ask myself a very important question..why prophet Mohammad said (If you stay home during the plague and stayed with patience..you will take the same reward taken by a martyr from God..)

A martyr is a person who suffered a lot before death…like a person who drowned or burnt or his house was destroyed over his head or died in wars…etc.

So the first benefit is that God (Allah)will reward you..

Second..you will stay a long time with yourself..you will rearrange your scattered papers..

Third..if you have a family..you will stay longer time with them..you will discover some facts about them..

Fourth ..you will think deeply about life ..you will discover that it doesn’t deserve us to be careful or afraid about it..because it can come to an end at any moment..

Fifth..you will be sure that change is the law of the universe..and you will accept it..

Sixth…you will know that your best friend is yourself..especially when you think of God and how He stood by you in all critical situations..

Seventh..your relationship with your creator is stronger now..you pray to him in yourself..not in a mosque or a church or a temple…

Eighth..all the masks will fall..you will know through TV or social media who the real good persons are..who cares for people and for society And who is selfish and cares only for himself..

Ninth..you will learn the art of surrender and survival and acceptance..


The benefits of the quarantine 🌹part 1

arlin report thought(s) of the day: what we’ve been taking for granted

I am not going to turn this into a long post on the topic of taking things for granted. Lets just say it can include most things in our daily lives. I am not just speaking of material things or essentials. Yes I even took that gallon of chocolate milk for granted, that I can not now find. Making it now with plain (and nothing is plain anymore) milk and choc. syrup. Not for myself, for the most part, but for my grandchildren. Three of my grandchildren will be coming over two or three times a week at least until the 6 year old goes back to school. Daycare was is a scary option for my daughter ……… THE NURSE. Their dad works in IT for hospitals keeping the computers running. Thank God they both have jobs yet.

I have learned or have been reminded that just walking outside, breathing fresh air has been taken for granted. I don’t usually enjoy going grocery shopping, still don’t, especially now but it was just good to go somewhere outside the confines of these walls. No, I am not taking my home for granted. Thankful! The next time I go fishing (in a few days I hope) will be beautiful, out in the great outdoors, all alone. I’ll share the lake or river bank, but will find my own secluded spot. Nice. Thank you lord for all I have and all I have taken for granted.

Stay safe and healthy world (friends).

arlin report thought(s) of the day: what we’ve been taking for granted