16 Tips on how not to harm animals whilst traveling #SunShinySA

Nikki recently started working for an organization which aims to stop animal cruelty and she is writing a report on lion hunting in South Africa. It got her thinking about how travellers treat animals and how we can unwittingly harm them.

This is what she had to say…

These tips will help prevent that so that when we all can travel again we will do it in a way that helps animals not hurt them.

Be careful and research

When you see images of people cuddling with lions it can be so adorable. In fact, I wanted to cuddle cubs to. Then I learnt that lion cubs are not supposed to be petted. Petting cubs makes them used to human touch and they become tame, unable to survive in the wild and hunt. Lion cubs are also taken from their mothers and cannot bond properly with fellow lions because of tourists who want to pet a lion. In South Africa and many countries which allow lion petting the lions are killed once their become adults. They are hunted on private property as they cannot be released in the wild.

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16 Tips on how not to harm animals whilst traveling