an unraveling #HouseOfHeart ❤️

When I miss you

I  become so small

My body  could fit into the  heart of a

sea bird begging  salt with its pulpy


The scent of sandalwood remains in a

discarded shirt tossed over a bed post

where  I return and return.

The clouds unravel and tears rain

down in  shades of eventide  blue.

Hold   me close in your heart like

the beat of a rhythmic railway

traveling  snow   covered alps or  the

black tar of far off foothills.

an unraveling

Arlin report thought(s) of the day: my daughter the nurse

That is not my daughter, it’s me, Arlin.

Yesterday, I got a call from my daughter while I was on the stationary bike, (I won’t admit where). Lets just say she lectured me, that I could do that at HOME. No… I can’t I only have a treadmill at home, and its harder on these old knees. I have other equipment she reminded me, at HOME. Yes, yes I do. I got her point. P.S. ………..I was still practicing social distancing. But, THANK YOU ANYWAY NURSE!!!

Get to see 3 of my grandkids today since school is closed and the NURSE would rather not take them to day care. Not a problem, we’re all healthy and I enjoy them.

Hope your day goes as well as mine. Too nasty out to take them fishing though.

Arlin report thought(s) of the day: my daughter the nurse

Commission – Aerie and Mark’s Noble Party #StarLitDen

The party is on full bloom and the guest of honour amused and entertained at the rare opportunity of seeing the host in noble attire. Missions accomplished all around!

This commission was made for PinkythePink and goes together with a previous commission featuring Mark and Aerie on the brink of starting a new adventure.

Click here to check the lineart detail!

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Commission – Aerie and Mark’s Noble Party

Don’t ~#Kindness

Don’t love too soon.

Don’t trust too fast.

Don’t judge too soon.

Don’t expect too high.

Don’t quit too early.

Don’t talk too much.

Don’t dream

Don’t fall in love

It to soon ⚜️⚜️

Don’t ~

16 Tips on how not to harm animals whilst traveling #SunShinySA

Nikki recently started working for an organization which aims to stop animal cruelty and she is writing a report on lion hunting in South Africa. It got her thinking about how travellers treat animals and how we can unwittingly harm them.

This is what she had to say…

These tips will help prevent that so that when we all can travel again we will do it in a way that helps animals not hurt them.

Be careful and research

When you see images of people cuddling with lions it can be so adorable. In fact, I wanted to cuddle cubs to. Then I learnt that lion cubs are not supposed to be petted. Petting cubs makes them used to human touch and they become tame, unable to survive in the wild and hunt. Lion cubs are also taken from their mothers and cannot bond properly with fellow lions because of tourists who want to pet a lion. In South Africa and many countries which allow lion petting the lions are killed once their become adults. They are hunted on private property as they cannot be released in the wild.

For more, please click on Nikki’s link below…

16 Tips on how not to harm animals whilst traveling

An advise….#TryToGetIt !

Dear ,

Take care that Coronavirus prefers to get into the lungs to destroy them .

So , it is so important to you and your family nowadays to do :-

1- Drink warm water from time to time to push any virus from the throat into the stomach and the stomach is so strong to kill any virus .

2- Sitting under sun some of time at home beside a window or your small garden because the sunlight kills the Coronavirus within 2 minutes if there are Coronaviruses on the body skin or cloths .

3- Walking much time at home or play any soft exercises to make the blood circulation stronger then the immunity system will be stronger too .

4- Drink lemon , eat fresh fruits everyday to make the immunity system stronger.



An advise..

My Most Authentic self⚜️⚜️ #Kindness

My name is Jim and I am coming out of a closet. The closet is chronic sadness and depression. For the longest time, I believed that being in … My …

My Most Authentic self⚜️⚜️

Worthless⚜️ #Kindness

If the same thing keeps happening again and again, you may be sending out signals without realizing it for these things to recur. Even recurring dreams (or nightmares) may indicate an unresolved issue that needs to be addressed.

What signals are you sending?

Maybe things keep happening because there’s a lesson for you to learn before you can move forward. Many times it goes back to a core issue within us that needs to change.

If you keep saying or thinking that life is a struggle and obstacles and challenges continually plague you, it may be because your core issue is one of feeling undeserving of a better life.

Such patterns in our lives will repeat themselves until we learn the lessons we are meant to learn.

Or maybe you feel that you don’t fit in, and you find yourself in situations where people exclude you from activities. Your core issue could be one of feeling worthless and unlovable.


How to be grateful!😊

Many times we ignore those things that we should be grateful for, or else our ego turns us away from the real feelings of inner self. As we learn to accept and appreciate rather than criticize or deny, a feeling of gratitude begins to take birth. This feeling promotes feelings like love, attachment, beauty and happiness.

How to be grateful!😊