The deep diver..//TryToGetIt!

A true believer is not just an ordinary diver in the life sea..

You see..

A deep diver sees things and events of life as lessons..

To a deep diver ..things happen for a reason..

For a deep diver every person is a lesson..even if its rule comes to an end and he disappears from life..

A deep diver sees dark powers differently..they are tools in the hand of God..

A deep diver sees evil as an inevitable element that leads to good..

A deep diver sees underneath..

A deep diver sees light through darkness..

A deep diver learns from his defects and faults..

A deep diver sees Allah in everything …

A deep diver is a true believer..

Are you a deep diver???

And how many a sign within the heavens and earth do they pass over while they, therefrom, are turning away.

Yousof Chapter

Verse 105


The deep diver..