i feel pretty //TheLonelyAuthor

i feel pretty When you are primping for a night out or a date, do you ever sing a song? I always do. The exact same song everytime. My buddy Titi was was sitting in the hut when I stood before the mirror making sure the five o’clock shadow was just right. I started singing my song.

He stood up yelling, threatening to leave.

Weeks ago, my daughter did the same thing to me. “DAD, THAT’S NOT FUNNY”.

I will let you decide. Not much into musicals, but I always sing my favorite song from West Side Story.

“I feel pretty
Oh so pretty
I feel pretty
And witty
And gaaaaaay
And I pity any girl who isn’t me today.”

Thoughts anyone?

i feel pretty

Wordless Wednesdays, A sea of pink //SunyShiny

Photo Credit : Hobopeeba Location, Lake Bogoria, Kenya

Wordless Wednesdays, A sea of pink

We stand in awe…//SunShiny

Photo of the day – Strand, Western Cape. (Photo Credit : Loyanda Jonas) .

We stand in awe…