Please read carefully ~ Autistic Plee //Kindness

DISABILITY DAY OF MOURNING. As someone who lives with disabilities, I say disabled lives matter just as much as able-bodied lives.

A very important distinction needs to be made, and this is one that I referenced at the time of Hannah Clarke’s murder, if a terminally ill person wishes to die with dignity and their partner doesn’t want to live without them and their partner begs them to ease their suffering, that is a tragedy for those who get left behind; to murder a disabled person who wants to live, but is seen as a burden by their caregiver is a crime against humanity.
But there is another category of people we should be mourning, and as an autistic, I say this is vitally important, those who die by their own hand not because they can’t care for themselves, but because society makes them feel disabled. The autistic teenagers who commit suicide because of bullying. Autistic lives lost must NEVER be used as a justification to find a cure for autism! What needs to be done is to remember Mark Twain’s statement that, “No amount of evidence will ever satisfy an idiot,” and if you don’t want to be one, then accept autistic people for who we are.

Please read carefully ~ Autistic Plee

Tea Pot sending love in a Cup 🌼 //Kindness

I have failed countless times and still kept going. It’s because I’ve learned that the more times I fail, the more I will learn.

Tea Pot sending love in a Cup 🌼