Balance.. // Try to get it!

I just need to I will talk and talk ..may be I will be better after that..

Relationships need balance to be successful..

Friends and couples should create balance in their relationships to be successful..

When I send my friend a massage and ask for her/him..when I care..when I miss her /him…when I forgive a mistake..l should also be treated the same way by my friend..

When balance disappears from relations ..disappointment is the result..

You feel that you are lost..

You feel that your friend is just like a selfish child who wants his mother to take care of him because he is her gift from God..

You feel that your friend wants you to thank God that you are blessed of having him in your life..

Isn’t that a selfish person?

How can We make relationships with selfish people who want to take and do not want to give..

When you ask them why are they acting this way..they remind you of what you said before .

What did I say?

I said that I do everything for the sake of I should take care of my friend and expect nothing..

How silly..

Allah says ..

Chapter 55 The Beneficient سورة الرحمن – Al-Rahman: Verse 60
هَلْ جَزَاءُ الْإِحْسَانِ إِلَّا الْإِحْسَانُ
Is there any Reward for Good – other than Good?


This is called balance in relationships..

We are not created in this world to be a medicine..we are humans..we feel like others feel..we need care and love as they need care and love…

In this kind of relation you find that your friend is not only selfish but also has a great ego in his character..

Ego ..yes..Ego..

When you mistake should be punished several times for one mistake. ..

When your friend should forgive him and let go…

You should thank God several times if he did something Good for you..yes ..this is a great blessing …you should be grateful..oh my God…I should be grateful..

I do not need your friendships..I do not need to be a medicine in your life .I am a human being…who feels as you feel ..

That’s why I lost a lot of friends in the last few years..I feel better without them..they wasted my time and my health…their high ego made them treat me with no mercy…they revenge and revenge and revenge and their revenge has no end…

They will stop revenge in two cases..

The first when I leave their hands and go away..

The second when they hear about my death…


Source: // Try to get it!

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