What is real love?? // Try to get it!


I asked myself several times what is real love?

A few days ago..I got the answer..

Real love is Unconditional love.

The love of a mother to her children is real love…because a mother give and expect nothing.

The love of a father also is unconditional.

But love between parteners is not unconditional..because they want to achieve happiness out of that love.They want to fill the empty spaces in their souls by that love.

Love between partners can be unconditional in one case.I will explain.

If you want your romantic love to be unconditional love..you have to fill the spaces in your soul first.

But how to fill the spaces in your soul?

We can fill the spaces in our souls by making a unity.

Which unity?

You have to be united with yourself first.You have to be enough to yourself.

How to be enough to myself?

When I feel happy when I am alone..when I feel joy when I am alone..this is what I mean.

The ability to create joy to yourself.

If you can make joy to yourself..if you can create happiness to yourself…then you are enough to yoursrlf..then your soul will be protected.

Your soul will be protected because it has no holes.

But how to fill the holes in your soul??

The only way to fill the holes in your soul is to know your creator well.


But how we could know our creator??

We have to take thirty minutes of our daily routine for thinking only about God.

You can walk during those minutes or run or practise any sport you love.

Thinking about God will make us happy and united with ourselves..it will make us enough for ourselves..it will make us stronger.

When you manage to fill the spaces in your soul …you will be able to love unconditionally.

You will not love for the sake of achieving happiness or safety or whatever.

You will be happy for the person you love even if that person chooses to share his life with someone else…you will respect his choices and you will wish the best for him/her.


Let’s fill the spaces in our souls first …then we will achieve happiness..and then we can achieve real love..


Real love can’t be attained without knowing our creator.

And to know our creator is a journey indeed.

This journey needs some tools…like determination..practise…reading…to be grateful…to try to count your blessings…to help people…etc.

When you fill the spaces in your soul…you will become strong..and you will have the power to love unconditionally.

Best wishes.🌷💐

Source: // Try to get it!

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