Inner Peace ❤ // Try to get it!


Inner peace is a gift indeed.

We can create our inner peace by ourselves with no help of others.

Inner peace is to live in heaven whilst we are on earth.

But how to gain inner peace?

There are serious steps to gain inner peace..

1/ TO Stop thinking about other people’s defects and to think only about your defects and begin to repaire your inside world.

2/To accept people as they are and to stay away from those who do not know who you are.

3/To be optimistic and do not lose trust in God.

4/To think positively and to stay away from any passive thoughts.

5/To value every tiny gift..and to thank God for it.

6/To practise your favorite hobby and to give yourself a time every day for thinking of nothing.

7/ To read my post and hit a like after reading it.😂

Allah says about inner peace:
But ah! thou soul at peace! (27) Return unto thy Lord, content in His good pleasure! (28) Enter thou among My bondmen! (29) Enter thou My Garden! (30)

Al Fajr chapter

Verse 27.

Peace ☺

Source: // Try to get it!

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