the wildness of dreams

House of Heart

When I look into your eyes

they are lit with bonfires,

the mystery of far off places,

a darkness I have never seen.

Shelter me  beneath the

span of your outstretched wings

while I   chant your name

across a golden sky,

the two of us alone in

the wildness of  our dreams.

Saatchi Art Artist Lia Melia; Painting, “The Second Coming” #art

Painting by Lia Melia

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Le printemps avant l’heure…

Ma vie au présent simple

Cueillette de mon petit d’homme pour sa môman 😁 .
Belle soirée joli monde
J’espère que votre journée fût bonne 🙏🏻

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The Sky ! / The Nature ! / And The Sea.


l adore the sea and it’s silky blue waves.

l adore it’s depth and it’s fascinating mystery.

l adore you my love for sharing your life with me.

l adore the sky and it’s dazzling heavenly beauty.

l adore the nectar of your sweet lips like cherry.

Much sweeter than all vintage wines and all the honey.

l adore life’s fascinating journey and your company .

l adore the passing years and their wonderful memories.

But most of all l adore the perfect master who gave me ,

This amazing opportunity , to see you. the sky and enjoy the sea.

Nature , you , me are creation of great mystery .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh .Mysuccessisyoursuccess.

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El libro del amante del perfume, el cumpleaños de Adri, AyurVida


Desde la antigüedad más remota, el descubrimiento de un halo fragante y efímero en una flor, una mata verde, una sustancia animal o el vapor secreto de la madera, determinó la celebración de ritos sagrados presididos por la presencia del perfume. “Per” y “fumun”, de raíz latina, conforman la expresión “a través del humo” para referirse a la sustancia aromática que envuelve el aire al encenderse, una suerte de primer motor inmóvil que moviliza y resulta causa final de todo, “como la amada al amante”, al decir de Aristóteles.

Como ya he afirmado en alguna oportunidad, la pasión por el perfume no tiene lógica ni explicación: simplemente es, y aquella persona que lo ama siente una atracción ilimitada e insondable hacia las fragancias. El libro del amante del perfume, de Marie-Josée Colombani y Jean-Roger Bourrec, desarrolla en sus páginas la historia del perfume desde sus orígenes, recorre someramente las…

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Cutting Corners

You wake up at 6 am groggy and tired, but you pull yourself out of bed anyway and start making coffee. Your partner is awake and already angry. They feel like you never listen, and you continue the pattern. Grab some coffee and jump into the car to get to work.

BOOM. Flat tire. In the abrupt stop, burning coffee flies all over your shirt and lap. Swearing like a sailor, after half an hour you manage to get the spare on and get back into the car with greasy black hands and muddy knees. When you finally make it to work (late) your boss rips you a new one.

All in all, this is not your best day. Not even close. You’re mad, frustrated, and honestly feel like going back to your desk and crying. You walk into your office and wash the grease off or your hands, praying…

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Storia illustrata

Hug 🤗