Silence is golden…

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Only in the stillness of silence can the voice of GOD be heard.

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Kindness - Wisdom💥

“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.”

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Mental Torture

Life in a Muslim Household

Life is like a roller coaster, It’s never steady. When you wish for good days to come, you’ll have to go through the worst before knowing it’s true value. We all have been hurt in life, at some point even to the point of collapsing but it’s never as hard as watching someone go through pain because of you.

Being a reason of someone’s pain is the last thing i ever wanted. Watching them suffer day and night and wondering what they might be thinking about me while going through that pain is Torture. It’s a mental torture that’s eating me from inside out. Maybe it’s easier when you wish bad for that person but it’s a complete devastation when you never wished anything bad to happen to them ever and you can’t do anything to ease their pain.

Maybe thats how life teaches us lessons, maybe thats how we…

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SULLEE J: Spear (new album submission)

Baltimore rapper Sullee J has dropped his latest album, previously announced exclusively at HEM News Agency, this past weekend (1 February 2019) after a short hiatus and working on some new material. The new collection of his hits, titled simply ‘Spear’ is now available for listening and purchase.

The hip-hop musician, who has had a very prolific 2018, releasing several tracks and collaborations with artists from as far as Iran, has kindly shared with you his experience and feelings behind the Spear project, his motivations and the drive that made this stunning new album a reality.

Find beat. Record. Release. For years, this routine has been on repeat. Moving from state to state, job to job, and in the midst trying to complete one of the greatest projects, it’s been like a love-hate relationship. I’ve felt like quitting every time I’d turn on the radio. Then I’d get messages from…

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Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar February 9 2019

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Politicians seems to be nothing more that shiny ballons with air inside that hold them up.

Politiker verkar bara vara ballonger uppblåsta med luft.

Big words, but no action. Stora ord, men ingen handling.

We need to try their big words with a needle.

Vi behöver granska deras ord med nål.


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