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Whispers in the Night


I heard your whispers in the night
a Zephyr carried them with its broad-winged flight
a deep heartfelt sound
as I was about to turn around

You woke up all the sleeping fragrance
from the ground even at a distance
pervaded my senses
pushed past my defenses

You lifted the colossal boulder
blocking my vision over and over
made me see things clearly
and I love you for it dearly

I heard your whispers in the night
I heard you this time, my golden light

Image: Pixabay

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Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar February 8 2019

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Caring people are so valuable. Omtänksamma människor är så värdefulla.

I’m a caring person in one way and in another I’m not. How about you?

Jag tillhör de omtänksamma på ett sätt men på andra sätt inte. Är du en omtänksam person?


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