Cats, our healing friends

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Did you know that cats possess amazing  healing powers?  It’s a proven fact that owning a cat is more effective than taking medication.   A mom of six cats, three rescues at home and three rescues at work, I am blessed with love and adoration from these majestically , lovable furry creatures.img_20181111_1722145992498715181811377.jpg

It’s been a bumper couple of months. The December break which should have helped rejuvenate, almost broke me. Fast forward to Januwary which fast became Januworry, the empath in me was stomped upon, my tired, “tired”  and some emotional healing long overdue.

The resident feline family, usually reclusive at the sight of strangers, sussed out the atmosphere and found their happy spots, the leonine one in his appropriated cushion at my feet, the panda like middle child had obviously escaped to the neighbour’s Zen garden and the last born, Jag,  sat seconds away from me.  My soliloquy…

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