Cats, our healing friends

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Did you know that cats possess amazing  healing powers?  It’s a proven fact that owning a cat is more effective than taking medication.   A mom of six cats, three rescues at home and three rescues at work, I am blessed with love and adoration from these majestically , lovable furry creatures.img_20181111_1722145992498715181811377.jpg

It’s been a bumper couple of months. The December break which should have helped rejuvenate, almost broke me. Fast forward to Januwary which fast became Januworry, the empath in me was stomped upon, my tired, “tired”  and some emotional healing long overdue.

The resident feline family, usually reclusive at the sight of strangers, sussed out the atmosphere and found their happy spots, the leonine one in his appropriated cushion at my feet, the panda like middle child had obviously escaped to the neighbour’s Zen garden and the last born, Jag,  sat seconds away from me.  My soliloquy…

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Cairns yowie encounter raises supernatural questions about Australian creatures | Cairns Post

💥Peace & Truth


I am Australian 😁

We are Australian
We are the Freedom Country
Proud of our Heritage
We are strong
We are from all Bloods around the world 🤗

Australia 🤗

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Winter White

Friendly Fairy Tales


Winter’s white sleeves
and icy tresses
are absent
this warm winter.
I miss them.

Copyright 2019 Brenda Davis Harsham

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Buddy on the Slopes by L. Martel


This is 16″ x 20″ oil on canvas. It is in the preliminary stages and far from complete. The dog is a Golden Retriever and I’m still waiting for a picture of him to work out his details. What is a dog doing on a chair lift, you say? Well I know of a place where they would let this happen. We used to ski there. This is a sentimental piece for our younger son who had to lay Buddy to rest. SDC18316

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La mejor mitad

Las crónicas del Otro Mundo


Una piscina de diez metros de longitud, con un escueto anexo en una punta para permitir unas escaleras de obra y un tobogán azul de dos metros de altura en el otro extremo. Esa era mi musa.

Cuando ya todos se habían acostado, nunca antes, abandonaba la casa y llegaba a la piscina para quemar un cigarrillo. Uno y solo uno; a fin de cuentas, ese palito combustible y venenoso tan solo me daba la excusa para salir. No estaba permitido fumar en casa, aunque el resto de adictos lo hiciera sin que ocurriese nada por ello. De todas formas, era irrelevante: como he relatado, el pitillo era una mera excusa para presentarme en aquel emplazamiento. Una vez allí, en la quietud de la noche, en la solemne oscuridad tan solo interrumpida por los fanales de las entradas de los demás vecinos, comenzaba a rodear la piscina. Vueltas y más…

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