the coming of a muse

The Lonely Author

A tribute to my muse (and muses everywhere).


the coming of a muse

A woman in red
reveals powerful emotions
performing her tango
depicting a poet’s words
A matador’s blade
carved inspiring verses
of sharp metaphors
possessing the power of a bull
While a thousand church bells
rang in poetic harmony
as red carnations
stood in full bloom
proclaiming his heart aches for you

Cristo Redentor awaits with open arms
So does he

There was no need of red carpets
or trumpets sounding
when the universe conspired
when Pythia foretold
the coming of a muse

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…stille Tränen…

Herzlich Willkommen bei Lis

Die stille Träne siehst Du nicht,

selbst wenn Du forschst in dem Gesicht.

Die stille Träne sieht nur ER.

ER weiß, wie oft ums Herz so schwer.


Und doch gibt ER erneut die Kraft,

dass man es immer wieder schafft.

Und nicht daran zugrunde geht.

Stets noch vor sich sieht einen Weg.


Wo man noch einen Lichtstrahl sieht,

ein Faden, der nach oben zieht.

Da baumelst Du erneut am Seil

und bist erfreut, dass ein Weil,

die stille Träne inne hält.

GOTT hat sie sicherlich gezählt.



Ich „DANKE“ dem unbekannten Autor/in

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Bună-vă dimineața-vă!

Il profumo nel mondo antico, de blogs y premios LXVI, testeos disolventes


Griego nacido en Ereso, un pequeño poblado situado en la isla de Lesbos allá por el año 372 a.C., respondía al nombre de Tírtamo por origen pero fue bautizado nada menos que por Aristóteles, quien decidió llamarlo Teofrasto o “de estilo divino” debido al talento natural para la oratoria de su discípulo y sucesor. Luego del deceso de Aristóteles, Teofrasto presidió el Liceo durante 36 años continuando con la obra de su predecesor; a su muerte en el año 287 a. C. fue honrado con un funeral público en Atenas.

El filósofo fue un estudioso de las plantas, y sus obras vinculadas a la botánica resultan un compendio de clasificación sistemática del mundo vegetal con fines medicinales. Pero Teofrasto también incursionó en el universo de los aromas y en Il profumo nel mondo antico, cuyo autor es Giuseppe Squillace, se puede acceder a la traducción italiana de Sugli odori,

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The Lonely Author


my baritone heart
sings on a lonely stage
before empty seats

longing to be a duet
he dreams
of your soprano heart
here alongside of me

without you
a crowded auditorium
appears barren
as the insistent echo
of my baritone heart
rings in hollow halls

he croons a ballad
a song meant for two
a song unrequited
a soliloquy
he composed
just for you

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Have You Ever Asked Yourself These Questions?


1) Who am l ?

2) What l an here for ?

3) What Matters the most ?

4) What matters the least ?

Each one of us on this plant is special and unique.

Life has meaning and purpose .Each one has a mission.

We can not deny this fact,Life is short and we are pilgrims .

We are traveling and one day we will reach our destination .

Asking for the Grace of God and having faith in oneself definitely Helps.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh./

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Lesley Wengembo – Artist


Eighteen year old Papua New Guinean artist, Lesley Wengembo from Pangia, spent four weeks over his recent School Holidays painting this absolutely amazing portrait of an elder Highlander.

New Guinean

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Janis Lyn Joplin was born on this day in Port Arthur, Texas in 1943.


Janis Lyn Joplin was born on this day in Port Arthur, Texas in 1943.

A combination of alcohol and heroin would cut her career and life short in October, 1970. Pearl, just her 4th album, would be released posthumously just before what would have been her 28th birthday in 1971. Though tragic, her early death was not all together shocking given her hard, fast lifestyle and frequent periods of heavy drug and alcohol abuse.
The death of another Rocker born on January 19th (1949) did come as a shock. The always sharp dressed and clean cut singer Robert Palmer died after suffering a heart attack at 54 in a Paris hotel room in September, 2003.
Musicians lost on this day include pioneering Rocker Carl Perkins (1998) and the legendary Wilson Pickett (2006).
On 1/19/1993, a reunited Fleetwood Mac performed at Bill Clinton’s inauguration. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler took a seat as…

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Sunshiny SA Site

Cast thy woven web and let us repair for eternal life.
Beloved mine, as my wife.
Forever may we be the sleeping duo.
Winged Eros, Mother Nature hath ordained it so.
The wind hath whispered.
This is no time to dither.
The Great Spirit hath sacredly spoken.
Fine feathers, his blessing tokens,
A xanthic bead, his direction, rising suns, new beginnings.
Thy love, honest and pure
Lissom, luscious lure…
Feathery tresses my heart enthrals.
Thine eyes, a siren’s call
Thine lips, Cupid’s coo.
Forever will I thee, woo.
Beloved aubade dream, take this hand.
Come let us fly.

Main Image Credit : Pinterest : 
Pencil Portrait by Jennifer Healy

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Monday Motivation: Colors of Nature


Clumps of dark clouds
blanketed the horizon
A foreboding warning
of droplets of rain soon to come

Without warning,
the zephyr swept away the somber bleakness
The shining sun
resplendent in its luminosity

An iridescent of beautiful
colors burst into view
A fleeting glimpse
of abee hovering around

bee in white flower

Exquisite blossoms
gladly welcomed the morning blessing
You can sense their blithe spirit
emanating from the glittering silver of their petals

A lovely sight
I want to wake up to everyday
An intense aesthetic colors
I won’t get tired
of looking

Good day, lovely people! It is a lovely day to wake up today. Though the weather was gloomy when I came downstairs, the sun shone when I started taking snapshots of my flowers. Isn’t that great? Even the sun is agreeing, this is a lovely day to start. Okay, let’s rock it! Have a wonderful week!

P.S. Of course, my snapshots…

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