Echoes from the Past


I have a box 
I kept in the attic 
concealed and forgotten 
gathering dust

One day, I tripped on it
knowing what I’ll find
I opened it
with trembling hands

In it
sweet memories
long forgotten
came spilling out

Dearly beloved
from bygone years
stared right through me
mocking with their smile

Blinded by sudden 
a flood of tears flowing
images I hold
became blurry

Wiping away salty tears
one familiar face
stood out
with his famous jawline

His eyes
sparkled with merriment
lanky frame suppressing 
a hearty laugh

I let out
an audible breath
feeling a deep yearning
for someone we’ve lost

I miss teasing him
his chuckles 
still ringing in my ears
repeating my pet name 

All I have now
are echoes from the past
the black and whites
and his love deeply ingrained in all of us

Image: Pixabay

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