Monday Motivation: Colors of Nature


Clumps of dark clouds
blanketed the horizon
A foreboding warning
of droplets of rain soon to come

Without warning,
the zephyr swept away the somber bleakness
The shining sun
resplendent in its luminosity

An iridescent of beautiful
colors burst into view
A fleeting glimpse
of abee hovering around

bee in white flower

Exquisite blossoms
gladly welcomed the morning blessing
You can sense their blithe spirit
emanating from the glittering silver of their petals

A lovely sight
I want to wake up to everyday
An intense aesthetic colors
I won’t get tired
of looking

Good day, lovely people! It is a lovely day to wake up today. Though the weather was gloomy when I came downstairs, the sun shone when I started taking snapshots of my flowers. Isn’t that great? Even the sun is agreeing, this is a lovely day to start. Okay, let’s rock it! Have a wonderful week!

P.S. Of course, my snapshots…

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