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A valued blogging family member from India asked me what was so unique about Durban.  Without hesitation and doubt, I replied, “Our Rainbow Nation irrespective of the divides of previous.”

This is why, THIS is our Ubuntu “humanity towards others”, the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.

Let me share with you reality that will enrichen your heart and bring tears to your eyes as it did mine…

Our SPAR supermarket staff self-funded a birthday celebration for one of their favourite customers, a 15 year differently abled teenager, Brett Nash, who has lived his entire life with a clinically undiagnosed rare disease, finally chalked down to Distal Arthrogryposis.

For the past five years or so, Brett and Mom, Tammy Nash visit the Spar, a highlight for Brett.  Non-verbal Brett loves humming  and an alert shop assistant realised he was humming the National Anthem.  Ayanda, a…

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build mansions

House of Heart

Throw away those pages,

that pink littered landscape.

Where is the victory in pity?

Build your mansion of bones

and sorrow so deep it can

not be contained but spills

from the fissure of your heart.

Reach inside stretched

skin whose scars  still sting.

There is no poetry

in  swallowed pain,

of  the temperate voice.

Those words are still born.

No life lives there,

no womb that has birthed

scorn and rage.

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