The warrior prophet…

Try to get it!

They can a prophet and a messanger of God be a warrior????

Yes prophet Mohammad was a warrior and I will explain the reason in a simple way..

” Let me teach people Islam…do not stand as a barrier between people and me…”…Mohammad said….when the people of his city started to prevent him to spread Islam safely among people.

At first they tried to kill him..

Second they realeased him out of his city …

Third …they sent people behind him and wage wars against him.

As a strong man and a man of a heavenly message ..he defeded himself and at last he won the battle .

After he returned again to his city (Makkah)…he forgave all the people who did cruel and bad deeds to him and to moslems.

They were preventing him from spreading Islam not because they have another religion…but because of money and materialistic…

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