Dear Santa – Bästa Jultomten

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

All I want for Christmas is world peace
Allt jag önskar mig i julklapp är världsfred

Can you help me with that?
Kan du hjälpa mig med det?

I was thinking we could do this together.
Jag tänkte att vi kunde hjälpas åt.

You reach over the whole world.
Du når ut över hela världen.

Me, I’m just a tiny little elf.
Jag är bara en liten tomtenissa.

But I have lots of friends, also tiny little elfs.
Men jag har många vänner, också små tomtenissar.

If you, me and all my tiny little friends help out.
Om du, jag och alla mina små vänner hjälps åt.

We could do miracles.
Skulle vi kunna uträtta underverk.

I think like this.
Jag tänker så här.

Let 2019 be a year where we are friendly to each other and nature.
Vi gör 2019 till året där vi prioriterar vänlighet mot varandra och…

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Julevangeliet – Christmas Story

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Reposted from 2017

Most of us know the Christmas story, but have you ever heard it in the ancient Swedish language Älvsdalsmål? It’s beautiful to hear a story that you know so well even if it is in a language you barely understand. Check this out. You will discover you know some of the words.

Har du hört julevengeliet på älvdalsmål någon gång? Lyssna på Lena Willemarks version. Du kommer att känna igen historien fast du inte tycker att du begriper nästan ett enda ord.

Lena Willemark Julevangeliet på Älvdalsmål
There is many ways to tell the Christmas story. Here’s one of my favorite videos from the eighties.

Julevangeliet går att berätta på många sätt. Här kommer en version från åttiotalet.

Have you found your favorite version of the story? If so, give us the link by pasting it in the comments field.

Happy Christmas!

Here’s a painting in dry…

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Joy For Christmas, Progress For The New Year!

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Wishing you all a joyous Christmas and progress in the New 2019 Year. I am blessed with all of your support and grateful for the opportunity to share life with you.

When it comes to Croatia and her path to democracy and well-being I remember the 1995 Christmas wish from Franjo Tudjman, Croatia’s first President. This was the time when Croatia, after winning the terrible war of Serb aggression, was to accelerate efforts into building a real and functional democracy; it was to lustrate the country’s institutions and leadership of communist heritage that suffocate democracy and true freedom. But regretfully this did not happen, not anywhere near the needed levels that cement sovereignty.

For this Christmas I choose to publish Franjo Tudjman’s 1995 Christmas and New 1996 Year’s message because it contains all the elements for thanksgiving that are as relevant today as they were in 1995.

Croats in the…

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Merry Christmas

Sunshiny SA Site

On this eve of Christmas eve, I wish all my valued friends in the blogosphere, A Very Merry Christmas and boundless blessings. Thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Indonesia.

Ps, On a lighter note…

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