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Grief is no good bedfellow,
Thieving double edged sword, it is.
Grief pricks deep, harsh.
Lingers, languishes much
… No rush,
It is but such.
Serpentine swirls emotions doth crush.
Those tears once floweth swift,
I’m now cast adrift.
Aye, it takes some polish
This mask, my task.
Time, they promise to heal.
Alas, eroded of spirit Ifeel
This body but a vessel
Mind, heart still awrestle.
Raw of pain, breath arasping,
spent… memories leaves me gasping,
inherent these long years past.
I fear I will no longer last.

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The beautiful Polish tradition of breaking bread on Christmas Eve –Aleteia

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The beautiful Polish tradition of breaking bread on Christmas Eve Philip Kosloski | Dec 19, 2018 OPLATEK |

The oplatki tradition is one rich in spiritual symbolism, and can even help heal family division.In many Polish homes throughout the world, a most beloved family tradition is the breaking of the oplatek on Christmas Eve.

The oplatek (oplatki is the plural form) is a thin wafer similar in consistency to a communion host that is often stamped with an elaborate Christmas scene.

Historically these would be distributed by religious to parishioners’ homes during the Advent season.It is related to an Eastern tradition of giving out “blessed bread” after the celebration of the Divine Liturgy.

This bread is not consecrated, but blessed by the priest as a way to extend the fruits of the Mass into the home.The oplatek is meant to remind families of the Eucharistic bread at Mass and makes…

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The Quotes of Ali…..

Try to get it!

Ali Ibn Abi Talib is the cousin of prophet Mohammad( peace and blessings be upon him )..

Ali was also a son of law of prophet Mohammad..he was married to Fatimah..the daughter of prophet Mohammad.

Ali was the fourth leader of the Islamic Countries after prophet Mohammad…

Ali was a warrior…a wise man…a great man indeed…

Here is some of his quotes…

Ali was a school…a great school…


Don’t talk about your power in front of weak.”- Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA)

“Don’t talk about the joys of your life in front of the sad ones.” – Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA)

“Don’t talk about your freedom in front of the captivated.” – Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA)

“I was not created to be occupied by eating delicious foods like tied up cattle.” – Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA)

“Don’t talk about your parents in front of the orphans…

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The Chateau de Chillon by L. Martel


This is a 9″ x 12″ oil on canvas board painted a very long time ago. It is signed but not dated. The Chateau de Chillon is an island castle located on Lake Geneva (Lac Léman), south of Veytaux in the canton of Vaud. It is situated at the eastern end of the lake, on the narrow shore between Montreux and Villeneuve, which gives access to the Alpine valley of the Rhone. Originally it was a Roman outpost, guarding the strategic road through the Alpine Passes. Chillon is the prison where the famous poet, Lord Byron, was incarcerated. He carved his name into one of the columns of the dungeon. He must have spent a fair bit of time there because I still remember how deeply it was carved into the pillar.


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