My Christmas tree stays in the woods – Min julgran står kvar i skogen

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

I don’t wanna judge others choice. Everyone has their reasons to chose how they chose.

I just think that I don’t need a tree in my house that do better for climate alive with roots outside in the woods.

Jag dömer inte andras val. Alla har sina skäl till att göra sina val.

Jag har kommit fram till att just jag inte behöver någon gran i mitt hus. Den granen gör bättre klimatnytta i skogen levande med rötterna kvar i jorden.

God jul! Merry Christmas!


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In Plain Sight


The Lonely Author


When I vow I will stop thinking of her
it’s because I can’t stop
When I say she is forgotten
the truth is, she is not
Look at me denying I am in denial
and I don’t know where to start
Perhaps I can deceive my friends
but I will never fool my heart
My brain continues to remember
what my heart refuses to forget
so I’ll continue to pretend
I’m not haunted
by the girl I haven’t met

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The Simple, Plain TRUTH: Why it’s Called a Christmas Tree…

Trigger Reset

“On Judgement Day I’d rather be right than politically correct”…

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