Grateful Tuesday


Hello lovely people! Please forgive me as I’m about to break some rules. Oh! What I am about to do is not against the law but it’s about the nomination from awards that I’ve got. 😁 I do appreciate the awards I’m nominated from and I’m sure I sounded repetitive already. I got this idea from dear Richa of Iscriblr. I hope you don’t mind dear. 

As most of you know, I celebrated my one year in blogging last October 27 and it is only fitting to put the spotlight to these two great bloggers who nominated me. I truly appreciate them for thinking of me.

This is my tenth to be nominated with the Blogger Recognition Award by Carly from Message in Stanza and my fourth in Mystery Blogger Award by Jenna from The Sunshine Artist

Carly Wiggins, Message in a Stanza

If you’re into poetry, you’ll…

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