Merry Christmas from Australia 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

Grateful Tuesday


Hello lovely people! Please forgive me as I’m about to break some rules. Oh! What I am about to do is not against the law but it’s about the nomination from awards that I’ve got. 😁 I do appreciate the awards I’m nominated from and I’m sure I sounded repetitive already. I got this idea from dear Richa of Iscriblr. I hope you don’t mind dear. 

As most of you know, I celebrated my one year in blogging last October 27 and it is only fitting to put the spotlight to these two great bloggers who nominated me. I truly appreciate them for thinking of me.

This is my tenth to be nominated with the Blogger Recognition Award by Carly from Message in Stanza and my fourth in Mystery Blogger Award by Jenna from The Sunshine Artist

Carly Wiggins, Message in a Stanza

If you’re into poetry, you’ll…

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Zitat von Victor Hugo

Herzlich Willkommen bei Lis

Das Lachen ist die Sonne,

die aus dem menschlichen Antlitz

den Winter vertreibt.


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Tis the silly season…

Sunshiny SA Site

Tis upon us!
Festive cheer, hearty cheer,
Aye, tis all here!
Snowy alpine firs, asters and holly.
Pudding, eggnog, even the sweet ruby blood of life.
Floods of children, adults in tow.
Resonant carols buoyant at the gates…
Rudolph’s sleigh reigns in with gifts.
Old Prancer nips at his heels.
Santa echoes “ho ho ho!”
Tis happy houses, coloured lights ablaze.
Under diamond studded nights,
Aye, tis the season to be jolly…

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For Entertainment sake

V Ramasamy


During my childhood  I was in a small village named ‘Konthagai’ which is South Tamil Nadu, India. Since it was a tiny village, there was no entertainment for us other than playing few outdoor games. No television or video games were there at that time. The only entertainment for us was to go for a movie occasionally.

Unfortunately there was no theater in our village. We had to go to a neighbouring village, which is three kilometers away from our village. Going for a movie for us was not as easy as everybody thinks. After much persuasion our parents used to give their consent so reluctantly, as they knew that it would involve a marathon effort by them. So even after agreeing to take us to the movie, they always would look for some flimsy grounds to cancel the programme by showing our minor injuries, which happened while we play…

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