The Language of Love


Words uttered
best left unspoken
Mind spiraling out of control
from the heady scent of his breath

Heart fluttered
from the countless butterfly kisses

Skin feverish
bursting at the seams

Oblivious to the outside worldsighing in pleasure
Like music reaching its crescendo
the euphoric frenzy finally assuaged

One of the primary language of love
best understood by
two souls intertwined
made for each other

Photo by Alejandra Quiroz at Unsplash

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Poem No. 10: “My Father” by An Unknown Author

The Red Box

Father & Daughter

My father knows the proper way
The nation should be run;
He tells us children every day
Just what should now be done.
He knows the way to fix the trusts,
He has a simple plan;
But if the furnace needs repairs,
We have to hire a man.

My father, in a day or two
Could land big thieves in jail;
There’s nothing that he cannot do,
He knows no word like “fail.”
“Our confidence” he would restore,
Of that there is no doubt;
But if there is a chair to mend,
We have to send it out.

All public questions that arise,
He settles on the spot;
He waits not till the tumult dies,
But grabs it while it’s hot.
In matters of finance he can
Tell Congress what to do;
But, O, he finds it hard to meet
His bills as they fall due.


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Be Grateful! It is good for you!


Have you ever been at a point when you would ruminate and complain about nearly everything? Do you ever feel like life is not going as planned, or that you are going to eventually lose control? If you do, consider thinking about all of the things that you already have. In this article, I am going to explain my story regarding gratefulness, and how it has benefited me in my own life.

When I was around 17, I began to ruminate and rant as though there was no tomorrow. I would beg and yearn for all of the things that I did not have in that time. “Why am I still single… why don’t I have any close friends?” I would often mutter to myself. Well, that was when I learned from my family that I needed to be grateful for the things that I did have, and not for…

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a barren world

The Lonely Author


On Thursday, after completing my volunteering gig, I hopped into an Uber to partake in my Thanksgiving meal.  There was a small accident. Spent the night in emergency.  MRIs and x-rays show no damage.    Just very sore.

I will be slow answering comments.  And I am trying to catch up on blog reading. Hope all are well.



a barren world


a meteor shower

of disillusion

have battered her

until she has

eclipses in her mind

craters in her soul

her desolate universe

is so dark and lonely

her aching heart

has become an asteroid

a barren world

devoid of love

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East Meets West 🌨️ @alexa_wotus (and enjoys a Penguin game)🐧



Along a dark forest path
The secret meeting of wolves
A fairy ring of night creatures
Lit by fireflies
And children of the otherworld
Hiding their pretty eyes

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Fueguia 1833, Afrodita de Capua, Pani


El avión aterrizó con demora después del mediodía en Buenos Aires, inmerso en una temperatura fresca para la época y propicia para caminar sin prisa. Tenía unas horas para deambular hasta que arribara Juan al caer la tarde, así que me instalé en el hotel, procedía a desarmar la maleta y, previo almuerzo vegetal en las proximidades, bordée el cementerio de la Recoleta en dirección a Avenida Quintana. En el camino fui dejando atrás turistas que pugnaban por una fotografía en la puerta de La Biela y di la vuelta por Ayacucho hasta alcanzar las proximidades de la Avenida Alvear.

Unas pocas calles más allá hay un local pequeño situado frente al Palacio Duhau, discretamente enmarcado en tonos oscuros que se asemeja a un sitio fuera del tiempo. Allí los amantes de las fragancias nos encontramos en el paraíso, envueltos en un halo irresistible en el que es posible…

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Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday



May you troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through the door…

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Happy Thank Giving Day America From Australia 🇦🇺


Happy Thank Giving Day America From Australia

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