My blog..

Try to get it!

A friend asked me “How much wordpress give you monthly?”

I told her that my plan is for free…

I take no money from wordpress..

I write just to write…not for money..

I respect all bloggers who blog for money or for free…It is up to everyone any way…

Happy blogging dear friends…

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RIP Stan Lee – Sketch on black paper

Sketching On The Train

For movember I’m drawing famous mustaches, here is one I wasnt expecting to be drawing. Stan Lee, rest in peace!

For Movember I set up this charity donation page on the Cancer research website (so all the donations go directly to fighting cancer, unlike others like justgiving etc). Please consider donating to help fight the spread of Cancer, no one has donated yet – you could be the first!!

Materials used:

• Black Stillnam and Birns sketchbook
• White pencils (crayola and polycromos)

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The Doors of Uruguay door number four by L. Martel


This is an 8″ x 10″ oil on canvas signed and dated 2018. We are having some bone chilling weather and it isn’t even winter yet. So my mind is roaming the southern hemisphere where the weather is warming and the sun always shines. I took a photo of this door when we were in Montevideo, Uruguay. Uruguay is a country that reminds one of a very old Europe. There’s something mystical about doors they can lead one to another dimension.SDC18269

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