Winter Song


On his birthday…

Try to get it!

Today is a vacation in my country..

Today is Prophet Mahammad Birthday…

What should I tell him???

Should I tell him that the majority of moslems misunderstood Islam and became away of its princeples ?

Should I tell him that our numbers are gowing up but our strength is going down?

Should I tell him that I heard a few non moslems insulting him and I stood still with no word to reply?

Should I tell him about the great pain inside my soul when I see my self weak to even say a word to defend him?

Should I tell him how divided we became and how wars destroyed our Islamic countries ?

Should I tell him about our rulers and presidents and how greedy and hypocrate they are?

Should I tell him how empty mosques are in dawn prayers..only few people go at that time?

Should I tell…

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the infinity of you

The Lonely Author


While sipping wine and listening to soft Latin jazz and samba, I thought of the great love women/mothers provide unselfishly with no boundaries.  Sadly, it often goes unappreciated.  I truly believe it is difficult for any man to truly reciprocate the endless love & warmth their lady truly deserves.

This poem evolved from those thoughts.


the infinity of you


The little boy in me
stands before the immense
universe of your poetry
Where metaphors are constellations
and your deep verses
are remote galaxies
Your words travel beyond
time and space
forever eclipsing me
like a lonely particle of love
For you are my sun
I, your loyal moon
a small bewildered child
forever admiring
the infinity of you



This Thursday I will be volunteering at a local Soup kitchen helping to feed the homeless for Thanksgiving.  Thus, I needed to make my second post of the…

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