Ang Sampaguita

Bukod kang natatangi
at ika’y pinupuri
sa taglay mong katangian
ika’y iniaalay sa magkasintahan

Sinasagisag mo’y katapatan
sa may pusong kadalisayan
tunay na pagmamahal
sa natatanging mahal

Simpleng halimuyak 
pero ika’y magagalak
hinding hindi magsasawa
ika’y mangingiti sa tuwina

Englishversion: (Please bear with me. There’s not exactly a word for word translation from our language to English words. I tried my best in translating it without compromising the true message of the poem.)


How unique you are
and all are praises for you
for possessing great qualities
offered to a couple in love

You symbolize fidelity
for those having a pure heart
true devotion
to one and only love

Its sweet-smelling scent
can make you feel delighted
never will get weary
only make you smile every time

Sampaguita is my country’s national flower. It is a species of Jasmine and it is believed to…

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The Summer Woman by Nick McCarthy


A special poem that you may share with a loved one, as written by me. Enjoy!

So long and far as she could see

her beauty and serenity

she turned away in bitter shame

not to see the worth it paid

The love I hold is very true

with my heart, I now bestow you

with placid chimes and ballad writes

stay with me on this fretful night

In your cherry blossom lips

are the gifts of winter bliss

intertwined with summers rays

you are my queen on every day

to the moon, I look astray

in its hues and uplifting gay

its shines so bright

for the hour’s but so nice

To you, my queen

my sweet evergreen

I’ll kiss the night a swift goodbye

it is gone, the sun is to rise.

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Storia illustrata

Winter Before the Storm by L. Martel


This is a 16″ x 20″ oil on canvas painted in 2018. I found the inspiration for this painting from a photo in the newspaper. The photo was so small I could barely see the composition so a lot of this is composed by me. It was the feeling that the photo gave me that caught my attention. If you live in a northern climate you know when a storm is coming in the winter. There’s a stillness in the air and there’s a silence to the scene. I did the drawing for this painting awhile ago and finally got a chance to work on it. It is signed and dated.


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Under the scorching summer heat
there’s a majestic sight to behold
exuding power and poise
from its agile flight

Its shimmering wings
hovers like a helicopter
flies backwards like a hummingbird
dances like a graceful ballerina

One will scurry off
after detecting a slight movement
by its excellent eyesight

Have you catch a dragonfly? My playmates and I tried to be inconspicuous trying to catch them by their long abdomen. There are some you can easily catch but there are elusive. Don’t worry. We don’t harm them. We set them free after catching them.

Image: Pixabay

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in the spring she will bloom again

House of Heart

The blue sky has given way

to cold grey arches.

There is little tending to the

grieving dark or falling leaves from

barren trees, detached by laws of seasons

thrust from the past into the present.

Lost to the sun, her destiny is the hard earth.

What remains is a treasure of clay and a

potter’s wheel behind a sleeping spider.

She breathes warm breath on frozen fingers

until once again she is malleable,

bent and shaped into her likeness.

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Handle your emotions

Kindness - Wisdom💥

Don’t do any things being in emotional attachment.

Decisions taken in the flares of emotions will not be sound.

You must control your emotions and be sound all the time.

We understand by the word ‘emotions’ that the feelings that we experience within us such as love, pride, happiness, guilt, anxiety, loneliness, anger, regret, excitement, shame, etc.

Emotions are the main influencing factor behind the every decision, work and task but if not controlled properly, they have potential to harm the things.

In Business you are neither male or feemale. Business owners to be successful never form emotional ties with staff or customers.

That is the Cardinal Rule of a successful business.

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Wistful thinking of yesteryear
brought out an unbidden tear
When life was simpler
and the temperature was much cooler

I remember the crickets
camouflaging in fruit-bearing thickets
With their glorious sounds
engaging with bullfrogs on the grounds

The abundance of fruit-
bearing trees
thrived from my dad’s farming expertise
Harvest time was by far too many
to our neighbor’s envy

The flowers’ blend of sweet smelling scent
lingered wherever I went
Titillating to the senses
will make you abandon your defences

Longing for days gone by
but the past has turned its back and said goodbye
It’s now a memory 
but will not be forgotten by me

signatureAbout the photo

Those trees were not there when I was growing up.

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Kindness - Wisdom💥

Peace be with you

All the days of your life

Amen 😇

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