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A leader leads with vision and wisdom” selfish people cannot be leaders because they cannot see beyond there own interests to see the big picture” a prophet derives from oppression, depression and regression!! The guiding premise of the universe is Morality”..

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I don’t know why
but when I passed by 
you were there
enticing me 
to look your way

I asked myself
Will this pretty one love me?
love my touch?
warm my heart?
grow with me?

I’m glad 
I took you home
now look at you
full grown
showing your true enchanting form

So dainty
with its star-like petals
regal and elegant
not wild 
but charming indeed

Asters are daisy-like flowers that have grown wild during ancient times. They are considered enchanted for their wildflower beauty and lush texture. They mainly represent love, wisdom and faith and symbolizes patience. What a flower!

About the image: I was surprised by how small the flowers are. When I bought the seed packet I thought the flowers will be the same size as Zinnias. It was the first time for me to plant this flower. 

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The pain of regret is among the most painful emotions. I can’t help but express it on many occasions, whether it stems from personal guilt, a missed opportunity, or a broken relationship. In this article, I will share my personal experiences regarding regret, and how you may overcome its pains.

Over a period of six months, I had really done myself in… it was in the middle of winter when one of my relationships began to fall into pieces. We would argue, fight, and most importantly, we weren’t there for each other, especially me. I would go on to slander her, and even tried to get her into trouble.

Well… what can i say? I simply wasn’t thinking. In a moment of anger and pain, i decided to hurt the person that has taught me more than anyone else. I continued to make foolish decisions until I was walked away…

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