Wistful thinking of yesteryear
brought out an unbidden tear
When life was simpler
and the temperature was much cooler

I remember the crickets
camouflaging in fruit-bearing thickets
With their glorious sounds
engaging with bullfrogs on the grounds

The abundance of fruit-
bearing trees
thrived from my dad’s farming expertise
Harvest time was by far too many
to our neighbor’s envy

The flowers’ blend of sweet smelling scent
lingered wherever I went
Titillating to the senses
will make you abandon your defences

Longing for days gone by
but the past has turned its back and said goodbye
It’s now a memory 
but will not be forgotten by me

signatureAbout the photo

Those trees were not there when I was growing up.

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💥Peace & Truth

Peace be with you

All the days of your life

Amen 😇

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