Resa and the Rock Star

House of Heart

Remember back when you were a rock star

and I was a hippie angel?

How comfortable we were with  our

heart  and souls bared.

Do you remember now that you are so far

away that night in Eden when  you came to me

and I came to you and the rest of the world

slipped away?

We held on to one another,  made love and cried

decided never to speak of how every time

the lights went out you rushed to me,

so tender, coming and going.

Young and in love, we named that month Sextember,

yes, it still matters to me.

Do you remember our anguished goodbye?

Neither do I.

Resa and the Rock Star

IMG_2421-151aonoAu0QL-1Dedicated to Resa @

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Idle Thoughts.

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Autumn’s Cool

Friendly Fairy Tales


autumn’s cool
dwindling days
draw me outside

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

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💥Peace & Truth

“WHAT A (blessed) MESS (love is)!” a poem. October 7, 2018 – SUN-day

The nightgown’s a mess – and she’ll struggle to rise,

But he’ll watch her – so clumsy – with love in his eyes,

And there’s wheezing – and coughing – and belching a bit,

With farting – and sicknesses – & that quaint, sagging tit,

AND ANOTHER! (Got two!!) So, if one will not work,

There’s another (one) to-offer – a snatch – clean & jerk!

There-are smells and annoyances – snores in the night,

With-some-bad-dreams – and-some-cute-screams – & a flicker-ing light,


You-might bloody well “lose it,” but-we’ve-come – oh, so far,

With-several-thousand-coughs-and-sneezes – colds – and – diarrhea,

Exchanging our fluids – Oy vey! – Mama Mia!

Two people in love, enduring – their “trip,”

That can take them – from ecstasy – to a…

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