Letters from a Great Friend


Hello everyone! I have something special to share with you. I am deeply humbled that one of my friends here in the blogosphere wrote a brilliant inspirational post and I am one of the featured three bloggers. He has such lovely words for us. I hope you can take the time to check out his brilliant work below.

I would like to express my gratitude to Warren Richards from iWrite…my love story for the friendship and support right from the start.

Inspirational Friday; Letter, to a friend!

Life0 Minutes

Good day everyone, Happy Friday. In today’s inspirational post, I would like to share three letters; titled, to a friend. To three individuals, who from the beginning; have made an impression. Each letter is a compilation of notable references, taken from shared post. I hope it will be an inspiration to you, and a blessing; to a friend!

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“Here’s Beloved” Govinda Krishna Chettur

Kindness - Wisdom💥

“You are the Rose of me,
In you have I lost myself utterly,
Your fragrance, as a breath from Paradise,
About me ever lies;
I crush you to my heart with subtlest ecstasy
And on your lips, I live, and in your passionate eyes
You are the Dream of me,
My visions many-footed flit and flee
Beneath the jewelled arches of Life’s grace
But through lone nights and days,
One form I follow, and mine eyes but see
The dear delightful wonder of your love-lit face
You are the Greatness of me,
My thoughts are Beauty shaped exquisitely
To the rare pattern of your loveliness
Exceeding all excess:
And the strange magic of this mystery,
Steals weight from burdened hours, and woe from weariness”

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Friday is now my Favorite Day


Of all the days of the week, Monday used to be my favorite. The first day of the week always gives me a sense of anticipation. I get excited when I think of what the succeeding days will offer and be like.

All that change when my mom finally stayed with us. Because of her Alzheimer disease, I need to be extra patient with her. That includes her bugging me always to go home.

Fortunately, she finally accepted the fact that she’ll be staying with us though she still expresses her desire to go home once in a while. So every Saturday we had to go home to our hometown.

Friday is now my favorite day of the week. It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I survived another week with my mom. It also means having a time for myself as my sister will take over for the…

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