Facebook today Oh My, What next. The Discussions were nasty, hateful and Judgemental. 123 Comments later, my turn came 🌞🕯


God loves you.

Never doubt his love.

Judgement is not the right of humans.

God is love.

Refuse to live in a box with a label.

Share Kindness and sprinkle it everywhere you go.

Yes, I have been asked what Sexual Orientation am I.

My comment was and is ” Third Sex”, meaning I don’t do any sex lol 🤗

No person has that right to ask anyone such personal questions concerning you.

Treat yourself with self-love, kindness and be that beautiful, unique self.

After all, we all bleed red blood. Never jump in any box. Be free 💜🕯

[ needless to say the last time I snuck in for a look, little old me had 354 Likes 😁🌞]

~ The moral of the Story today, more folk love Kindness, non-Judgemental Comments. Happiness always wins 🌞🕯

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