Insight No. 43: “Do you think, you`ve got a BAD DAY?” (Denkst Du, Du hättest einen schlechten Tag?)



Herzlich Willkommen bei Lis

 Ein Pärchen im greisen Alter

 sitzt verträumt an einem Hang.

 Er streichelt ihre welken Hände,

 die treu geschafft ein Leben lang.


 Sie ist für ihn ein Edelstein,

 eine Kostbarkeit, die nie vergeht;

 er für sie ein Felsgestein,

 das allen Stürmen widersteht.


 Es herbstelt schon, und matte Strahlen

 schimmern durch das bunte Laub.

 Lange Schatten Bilder malen

 auf der Wege dunklem Staub.


 Taumelnd schweben müde Blätter

 den beiden Alten vor den Fuß.

 Übermütige Frühlingsträume

 winken jetzt zum Abschiedsgruß.


 Weltentrückt in fremde Sphären,

 ahnt jeder, was der andre denkt,

 hoffend, dass nicht er es wäre,

 der als letztes Blatt am Baume hängt.


Text von© Annegret Kronenberg

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Managing Conflicts

Kindness - Wisdom💥

Conflict is a condition where there is opposition, disagreement and/or antagonism between two or more people. This may be due to lack of communication, differences over certain issues and/or contradiction in ideas, beliefs and thoughts. Use words like ‘I understand’, ‘I somewhat agree with you’, ‘what you are saying is fine but…,’ and then put forth your point. This will make things better and will lead to a healthy discussion avoiding any scope for conflicts. Do not try to resolve conflicts over non-personal communication modes like e-mails, answering machine messages, and notes. At times, this can worsen the condition. Communicate in person or at least over the phone.

Give him a chance to speak and politely ask him the reasons of why he or she thinks so and what the alternate strategies are then. If you agree to his/her point accept so humbly. Controlling your anger and frustration is the…

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Facebook today Oh My, What next. The Discussions were nasty, hateful and Judgemental. 123 Comments later, my turn came 🌞🕯

Kindness - Wisdom💥

God loves you.

Never doubt his love.

Judgement is not the right of humans.

God is love.

Refuse to live in a box with a label.

Share Kindness and sprinkle it everywhere you go.

Yes, I have been asked what Sexual Orientation am I.

My comment was and is ” Third Sex”, meaning I don’t do any sex lol 🤗

No person has that right to ask anyone such personal questions concerning you.

Treat yourself with self-love, kindness and be that beautiful, unique self.

After all, we all bleed red blood. Never jump in any box. Be free 💜🕯

[ needless to say the last time I snuck in for a look, little old me had 354 Likes 😁🌞]

~ The moral of the Story today, more folk love Kindness, non-Judgemental Comments. Happiness always wins 🌞🕯

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