“TRUTH SELDOM COMES KNOCKING!” a poem a.k.a.: “What Comes From Believing Everything ‘YOU?’ Think!!” October 1, 2018 – Monday

When things do not approach (for us) – close-enough to OUR IDEAL,

We’ll-get-in-a-panic-and-start-to-imagine: A REALLY “PERFECT” DEAL:

So, our strategies comes wild and quick;

Gotta get me to The Doc’s! I MUST be sick;

Gotta get me some money! (’cause) Finances aren’t “glowing;”

Gotta get me “Outta Dodge!” IF my weaknesses are showing!

One lady I knew – I think she got a “fender bender,”

&-was-devoid-of-satisfaction – unless the PERFECT vehicular-mender,

Would put her damaged vehicle – back in PERFECT CONDITION,

Like: “Right out of The Showcase!” “THAT’s your bloody mission!”

However! Once your car receives a poignant, precious “ding,”

I’m SO SORRY – but, Dear – It’s really hard to bring,*

The damaged or the older car – to-a fresh, fact-ory state;

Better get a new car, and do not…

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