The Human Lens Celebrating Its 7th

The Human Lens

It gives me great pleasure to share this happy news as The Human Lens celebrates its 7th birthday today in the virtual wordpress blogging sphere.

There were times when I didn’t think I could manage it, then there were others when I was able to manage my writing and blogging activism. The journey of these seven years  has happened in midst of many a failures and challenges, never the less here we are.

The Human Lens recap includes: 

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💥Peace & Truth

“TRUTH SELDOM COMES KNOCKING!” a poem a.k.a.: “What Comes From Believing Everything ‘YOU?’ Think!!” October 1, 2018 – Monday

When things do not approach (for us) – close-enough to OUR IDEAL,

We’ll-get-in-a-panic-and-start-to-imagine: A REALLY “PERFECT” DEAL:

So, our strategies comes wild and quick;

Gotta get me to The Doc’s! I MUST be sick;

Gotta get me some money! (’cause) Finances aren’t “glowing;”

Gotta get me “Outta Dodge!” IF my weaknesses are showing!

One lady I knew – I think she got a “fender bender,”

&-was-devoid-of-satisfaction – unless the PERFECT vehicular-mender,

Would put her damaged vehicle – back in PERFECT CONDITION,

Like: “Right out of The Showcase!” “THAT’s your bloody mission!”

However! Once your car receives a poignant, precious “ding,”

I’m SO SORRY – but, Dear – It’s really hard to bring,*

The damaged or the older car – to-a fresh, fact-ory state;

Better get a new car, and do not…

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