Racing to the finish line


What’s the end goal?

Retirement and being physically and mentally capable of enjoying it is the upcoming phase of my life on the horizon.  As we all do, I want to retire financially independent and comfortable.  Independent of the government and the associated B.S that comes with taking the pension. You hand your life over to them in exchange for money that provides a  basic standard of living. Rules and regulation. Can do’s and can’t do’s. No thank you.

So hence the title of this post. I need to squirrel away more assets to provide an ongoing income when I retire. I start a new job next week and plan to really push on the accelerator.

The position is Sales Coordinator with a large Australian company. I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth into something new and exciting.

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while I was thinking of you

Chiang Mai Travel Guide: If You Are on a Budget

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Trump:The American Years

high definition,print

and wouldn’t you know …she grew up!

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Parque Nacional Iguazú, la Garganta del Diablo, el Circuito Inferior


Los guaraníes bautizaron al río agua grande, I-Guazú en su idioma originario. Durante su curso se fusiona con el Paraná y alcanza 1500 metros de ancho, que desembocan en un barranco de lava que se formó hace nada menos que 120 millones de años, dando origen a las formidables cataratas del mismo nombre.

Por allí navegaba Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca en el año 1542, entre el océano Atlántico y Asunción del Paraguay, cuando el sonido atronador de los saltos de agua atrajo su atención; el español siguió su camino pero antes bautizó a las cataratas como Saltos de Santa María. Con el correr del tiempo los indígenas de la zona o Mbyá-Guaraníes fueron evangelizados por los jesuitas, luego expulsados de la región por la corona española en 1768, que habitaron conjuntamente con los pueblos originarios la zona que hoy comprende el Parque Nacional Iguazú. Un siglo después, con…

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You drift backward as I move forward in time,

Existed for but a moment in this world of mine.

You were so very real, more than a memory,

Our distance will come together, again we will meet,

A smile on your face, you meant so much to me.

More than a memory, personality, heart, and soul,

You once walked this land, my father from a moment ago.

Keith Garrett

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Tipp No. 23: “Art is a Weapon. Culture is a Form of Resistance” by Iranian Artist Shirin Neshat

The Red Box







Shirin Neshat is a contemporary Iranian artist best known for films such as Rapture (1999), which explore the relationship between women and the religious and cultural value systems of Islam. She has said that she hopes the viewers of her work “take away with them not some heavy political statement, but something that really touches them on the most emotional level.”

Born on March 26, 1957 in Qazin, Iran, she left to study in the United States at the University of California at Berkeley before her the Iranian Revolution in 1979. While her early photographs were overtly political, her film narratives tend to be more abstract, focusing around themes of gender, identity, and society.

Her Women of Allah series, created in the mid-1990s, introduced themes of the discre-pancies of public and private identities in both Iranian and Western cultures.

The split-screened video Turbulent (1998) won Neshat the First…

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for so long

The Lonely Author


While today is my three year blog anniversary, multiple eyes surgeries forced me on a long hiatus and limited my actual blogging time to barely one and a half years.

As my long time followers already know, I suffer from permanent blurred vision.  My eyesight may be blurred, but I can clearly see that I wouldn’t be here without your wonderful support.

To celebrate (perhaps amuse is a better word) I have included the first poem I ever wrote in my life.  On November 3, 2015, I penned and posted this poem (and image). It was my first crude attempt at writing poetry.


for so long


for so long
I adored her through my window
far too long
I suffered her silent tears
so unloved
this siren breathes unappreciated
too unloved
retreating in the shadows of her fears

for so long
he abused her with indifference
far too…

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Opinions ! /Thoughts .


Most of the people believe there is ,

After life another world , a new existence.

But they do not believe giving the others

The chance to express freely themselves.

Rich people go to private hospital to be healed.

While the poor in public hospitals could lose the lives.

politicians do not care about the needy , but their votes.

We live in an age , sport became a job and religion a career.

there ate those who eat to live and there are those who live to eat.

So which one are you my friend ???

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.come

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Storia illustrata