Sexual Assault


Here’s a good read. The post is on my page. Thanks………..Protecting a child after disclosure
Child Abuse Medico-Legal Services·Tuesday, September 26, 2017
A scenario that plays itself out almost every time a child visits the Sexual Assault Clinic, is the self-blame and dis-empowerment the parents and the child victim experience.
Whether you are in a normal or dysfunctional family, it is almost impossible to protect your child 24/7. We live in a world where evil is looking for any opportunity to hurt the ones we love. This realization that even the best parent cannot always protect his/her family, is the first step to healing after a child disclosed abuse.
The next very important step is for parents to act strong and not fall apart. A child victim’s experience of the abuse if often drawn from the parent’s reactions. Almost every abused child we encountered at the Clinic, experiences an unbelievable…

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Minas de Wanda, ruinas de San Ignacio, el Jardín de los Picaflores


La provincia de Misiones se encuentra ubicada sobre el Macizo de Brasilia, zona constituída geológicamente por uno de los mayores basaltos del mundo, formado hace 150 millones de años. La tierra arrojó grandes cantidades de lava que, al enfriarse, aprisionó gas que fue formando una roca conocida como basalto constituído en su mayor parte por hierro, que a la vez que dota de color rojo a la tierra también origina con el paso del tiempo formaciones de piedras preciosas.

La ciudad de Wanda se encuentra situada a 40 kilómetros de Puerto Iguazú y fue fundada en 1934 por inmigrantes, en su mayoría de origen polaco. Dicen que debe su nombre a una princesa polaca de gran belleza, quien vivía en la ciudad de Cracovia y prefirió arrojarse al río Vístula antes de aceptar contraer matrimonio con el príncipe heredero al trono alemán. Pródigo en yerbatales y madera, el pueblo prosperó…

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Birdhouse Bard

Friendly Fairy Tales


Songs in the quiet places,
the in-between spaces,

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Racing to the finish line


What’s the end goal?

Retirement and being physically and mentally capable of enjoying it is the upcoming phase of my life on the horizon.  As we all do, I want to retire financially independent and comfortable.  Independent of the government and the associated B.S that comes with taking the pension. You hand your life over to them in exchange for money that provides a  basic standard of living. Rules and regulation. Can do’s and can’t do’s. No thank you.

So hence the title of this post. I need to squirrel away more assets to provide an ongoing income when I retire. I start a new job next week and plan to really push on the accelerator.

The position is Sales Coordinator with a large Australian company. I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth into something new and exciting.

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while I was thinking of you

Chiang Mai Travel Guide: If You Are on a Budget

Shiela Blesario

We spent our Christmas here in Chiang Mai and fascinated with the beauty of the place. We plan 1month ahead before heading to Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai via an agency that we knew. We were lucky to have a discount as we booked our ticket at back and forth. I know everyone is not in favor of riding a bus to Chiang Mai and prefer plane instead, though we are enjoying the ride—if you are as well. Cheaper! So here’s a guide for you.

Here’s how to get to Chiang Mai by Bus, Train, and Flight:

Mo Chit Bus Terminal


>Book your ticket online or in Mo Chit Bus Terminal (Chatuchak) directly.
>Remember that peak season is between November and early April, better to book your ticket ahead of time.
>the nearest BTS Station is Mo Chit, from there you can ride a taxi for about 10min…

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Trump:The American Years

high definition,print

and wouldn’t you know …she grew up!

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