The Legion of Honor – part two – ancient artifacts


There were various ancient artifacts on display from ancient Egypt and the Greco-Roman world of antiquity.

Do we, when we view and appreciate such ancient artifacts, connect in a sense with the past?

In this first picture, we see a bird (raven?) in sculpted relief (in stone).  The artistry and the effort that went into this work is noteworthy.

Even from a distance, this work is eye-catching and impressive.

This informational plaque tells us that the next piece is “the torso of a god”. 

Although only a fragment of the original work, we are captivated by its beauty, simplicity and its age.

An ibis in stone is seen next.

The hunt with a predator (some type of large feline) and its fallen prey (ibex?) is depicted here.  The harsh and cruel facts of nature and life have always made an impression on man.  Here, we are poignantly reminded that death…

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